Saturday, October 27, 2012

Swype Beta v1.3.1.9410

Swype Beta v1.3.1.9410: Android 2.2+

Swype Beta v1.3.1.9410: Swype – Type - Write - Speak - Living Learning Keyboard - Next Word Prediction - New Feel – Voice-Text Dictionary Sync -Personal Language Model – Default Dictionary Editing


Swype a four sa modalities keyboard. Swype from letter ; Type rapidly text sa powered by XT9; Swype naturally through a fully integrated Dragon button; or, simply Write letters, words using .

Living Learning Keyboard

Swype builds a personal language model style. It’s a ‘living keyboard’ call it. it, accurate .

Next Word Prediction

Swype advanced bi-gram -gram modeling from the XT9 portfolio, uncanny next-word-prediction.’s learning language model, accurate use.

New Feel

Swype than ever. We’ve redesigned from the ground up. We’ve made both interaction and interface much cleaner look. ’s no key—just long press bar languages!

Voice-Text Dictionary Syncing

Every new word added personal dictionary gets added speech . Swype unified language model, so after new words dictionary speak them no matter how unique. even learn from emails, texts, Facebook .

…AND, ! Swype Beta:

Default dictionary editing! Just long press word when it’s in candidate list dictionary

Personalization, Facebook, Gmail, ! Import words from previous SMS messages Settings > Swype Connect > Personalization. grab contacts from Gmail , and messages from Twitter.

Major improvements . Swype supports ChunJiIn keyboard. Chinese both Simplified and Traditional sa, Zhuyin, Bihua, Canjie Canjie.

Install Swype Beta alongside -installed Swype Beta v1.3.1.9410 ! You no longer do Beta if Swype -installed. We’ve changed so maintain your perfectly tested pre-installed Swype keyboard out and greatest from Swype.

What's new Swype Beta v1.3.1.9410 :

Swype Beta v1.3.1.9410 issue Platform pre-install conflict Galaxy S3

Swype Beta v1.3.1.9410 issue battery consumption post-startup experience.

Swype Beta v1.3.1.9410 issue feedback (i.e. vibration too strong device, too weak)

Enhanced support-party apps (such Flow) which call's accessibility classes/APIs.


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