Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Room v0.54


: 2.3+

: Welcome Room, a physical puzzler, wrapped mystery game, inside a beautifully tactile 3D world.

Praise Room:

• Eurogamer “...resist hurrying every sliding panel dial. cave from everyone's childhood; a perfect encapsulation fear ."

• Gametrailers “ controls really shine. A must play” Penny Arcade “T’t a title hindered controls set free"

• Arcade Sushi "I couldn’t stop playing t brain teaser...beautifully crafted"

• Indie "Firepro a home run"

• Pocket Gamer “ than a thous-riddled shooters"

• “Excellently produced, clever puzzles -tingling music"

• Jaysisgames " overrides any sense surroundings beyond " " candy mind."

• IGN “ realistically rendered objects mobile title .”


How, old friend? If you’re reading this, then . I still forgive me.

We’ve never seen eye research, but put such things behind you. one I . come, peril. I trust ? My study highest room.

Press forward. There way back now.



Firepro proud greatest creation, a mind-bending journey filled, peril measure. Be transported in unique space spellbinding visuals problems .

• Unsettlingly realistic graphics: natural looking visuals ever seen mobile device.

• Spine-tingling single finger controls: touch controls so natural play digit, navigate t beautiful 3D world.

• Fantastical pick-up-and-play design: Easy , hard down, Room know you're playing.

• Compelling layers : think what you're looking at? Think again.


The Room v0.54 Instructions:


Epic Defense – the Elements v1.5.1

Epic Defense – v1.5.1

: 1.6+

: T a Tower Defense’ve never played before!

worth waiting killer-level Tower Defense 2012 --- Epic Defense – !

NO AD! FREE !! No locked function!!!

dates from remote ages which chaotic, regulations ancient world while casting their covetous eyes Terran’s civilized cities world.

Finally ,they launched Terran, retreated one step after another... back wall old city.

There, ’ magicians Epic Defense – the Elements v1.5.1 their ancient statute book Power .

Use power Tower develop a supernormal power which volcano, lightning ,iceberg...


Key Epic Defense – the Elements v1.5.1:

- Rich story background elaborately designed levels, two different modes , three difficulty levels.

- Comfortable operation: drag , sliding up, Fancy design especially device.

- Fluent frames: Adopting our latest optimization HD map.

- Creative play method, abundant stone combining system totally different Tower Defense!

- A RPG-like upgrade system make .

Now, Hero! Call powerful element defense tower from Orcs!

What's Epic Defense – the Elements v1.5.1:

1. Fix crash bug when towers.

2. Fix a lag issue when drag towers.

3. If our games, please '+1' t use Google +1 us a five star rating!



Epic Defense – the Elements v1.5.1 Instructions:

Epic Defense – the Elements v1.5.1:

Age of Empire v1.9.46

Age v1.9.46

: Android 2.2

: Be transported back through time European Middle Ages. Take control Empire over other rival Kingdoms. Extend through ordering !

Be transported back through time European Middle Ages. Take control Empire over other rival Kingdoms. Extend through ordering !

? Over 4 million global downloads.

? #1 Grossing Google Play countries.

? #1 Android online strategy game.


Build Kingdom through Middle Ages. Secure resources, construct new buildings attacks from . Build armies other Empires their l yourself. Age of Empire v1.9.46 Age , Android Online SLG see what all !


- Amazing Graphics: 3D technology game, generating images, really there!

- Intense Combat: Grab ! Experience combat unlike anything ever seen before.

- Enduring Empires: Upgrade constructions, improve defense, hire heroes in, train , be armies, ultimate throne!

- Challenge: Conquer all contest !

What's Age of Empire v1.9.46:

1.Add enhancement system. enhance iron ~Just enjoy it!

2.Daily preferential Purchase activity ~ get reward if times.

3.Optimize function

4.Optimize FAQ game, get

5.Optimize animation .'s upgrading.



Age of Empire v1.9.46 Instructions:

Age of Empire v1.9.46:

Zooper Widget Pro v2.14

Zooper Widget Pro v2.14

Zooper Widget Pro v2.14: 4.0.3

Zooper Widget Pro v2.14: Minimal, classy, extremely customizable friendly Clock Widget ,!

If please rate it! If issues send me, i cannot answer comments!


- Sample templates included, no need anything else

- Some custom fonts already included, additional added/fonts

- Create easily, no functional limit

- Build everything, color, text, shapes, position

- Completely custom date (day , week number, number )

- Battery info (remaining time, percentage, temperature, voltage)

- World clock (multiple timezones same widget)

- Weather days forecast even locations widget

- Calendar info customization

- System info, like uptime, next alarm, sd card space

- Wifi network name, cell operator

- Sunrise even location


- No Ads

- Widget action / config lock (and "module" click action soon)

- Save


Zooper Widget built from ground battery, nothing done while sleeps, no weather updated if no weather information, no location updated if to.


Zooper Widget does much memory when it's running, even Zooper Widget Pro v2.14 screen 't grow 7 megabytes. During configuration however RAM usage even , t normal space released some time after config .


- Advanced Clock Widget

- Minimalistic Text

- Beautiful Widgets

- SiMi Clock Widget

- TypoClock

- Clockr

- BattStatt

- Ultimate custom clock

- Make Widget

What's Zooper Widget Pro v2.14 :

If ZW LockScreen might reboot after upgrade due Android bug, sorry t be fixed Google!

== 2.14

- Zooper Widget Pro v2.14 manual location issues

- Added advanced cut option to [tr]

- Updated translations


Download : Zooper Widget Pro v2.14:

KeepTrack Pro v3.2.1

KeepTrack Pro v3.2.1

KeepTrack Pro v3.2.1: 2.2

KeepTrack Pro v3.2.1: Achieve !

KeepTrack utility life from mobile phone. KeepTrack define collecting so whether , training records, pills consumption, number cups today other data come requires tracking - KeepTrack statistics. KeepTrack many praise from users intuitive interface.

What's KeepTrack Pro v3.2.1 :

- New tracker type! - Duration. Let's track duration .

- New graph implementation: KeepTrack Pro v3.2.1 performance, X Ax stripes place data points, pinch !!

- Added ability new entries when clicking empty days.

- UI tweaks all over.

- New reminder icons KeepTrack Pro v3.2.1 s above honeycomb.

- Localization support. German & Hebrew languages.


Download : KeepTrack Pro v3.2.1:

Handy Photo v1.0.5

Handy Pho.0.5

Handy Pho.0.5: 2.3

Handy Pho.0.5: Welcome pho!

Handy Pho designed strong passion editing. perfect choice when photos from all possible angles.

Ed pho Photo's complete set powerful tools definitely impress all those viewing .

* Uncrop unique way *

Magic. uncrop photos. No other app could do it. Crop . straightening a crooked horizon without sacrificing ’s original size.

* Let photos come alive *

possible photos a few taps? when Move Me tool. Carry other place satisfied suits there tee.

* Perform pho best possible way *

Remove all undesired objects from tap. Mobile retouching been so fast .

* Color balance *

Thanks complete toolset color , properly balance ’ Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Warmth, Shadows, Highlights, etc. levels .

* Apply stunning pho *

A total than twenty filters, namely Black , Bleach Bypass, Color Standout, Cross Process, Dramatic, Duotone, Fog, Glow, Golden, HDR, Halftone, Ink, Lomo, Old Photo, Polarization, Polaroid, Sepia, Sketch, Smart Contrast, Tilt Shift, Tiny Planet, Vignette, , disposal like changing photos. All they amazing, easy , with.

* Add marvelous textures *

Create pho yourself Handy Photo’s pack textures ( 90). Apply them them truly pop. select from groups : Cloth, Clouds, Frost , Grunge, Paper, Water, Wood.

, so make some settings texture selected, apply it, even photo.

* Add attention-grabbing frames *

Before showing whole world, it’s quite important frame it. Photo’s excellent collection serves just. Put touches photos frames : Carton, Film, Grunge, Pho, Polaroid, Photo.


★ Move Me technology objects extraction

★ Magic Crop tool photo “un-cropping” function

★ retouching technology platforms

★ Impressive collection pho

★ Complete sets quality textures

★ 100% size image viewing

★ 36 MP support

★ Optimized-core processors

★ Stylish UI

Brought developers !


All devices running Android 2.3 ARMv7.

Depending amount RAM available, resolution images processing :

2 GB - 24 MP

1 GB - 16 MP

786 Mb - 12 MP

512 Mb - 8 MP

less than 512 MP – 5 MP

What's Handy Photo v1.0.5 :

- Handy Photo v1.0.5 save picture issue;

- Open pictures from dropbox added.


Download : Handy Photo v1.0.5:

Sd data:Put included sdcard zip file into "sdcard/android/obb/"