Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fixie Joe v1.1

Fixie Joe v1.1

: Android O/S : 4.0+

: Fixie Joe Crazy Factory tribute platform games 80's 90's, like Mario, Jet Set Willy, PitFall Miner!

Fixie Joe works factory, one night he's mechanic when a storm arrives. Thunder damages , making robots go crazy machinery. Joe must collect nuts these machines .

Fixie Joe v1.1:

Run & Jump through 10 levels full action avoiding crazy robots, collecting nuts broken machines.

Autosave every checkpoint.

Easy control system

An epic final Big Boss

HD quality 3D graphics

Industrial techno music background.

Hours -play

A score system level.

An Ad free game.

What's Fixie Joe v1.1 : (Updated : May 16, 2013)

Fixie Joe v1.1 jump button.


Fixie Joe v1.1 Instructions: rel. by : chathu_ac

Fixie Joe v1.1:

Ark of the Ages v1.0.2

Ark Ages v1.0.2

: 2.3.3+

: Ark Ages, a fully 3D action RPG, available !

Featuring a fun touchscreen-based battle system, system using photos -up characters, companion system where strength number , Ark of the Ages v1.0.2.

Challenge Great Mage Sorienz!


Ark of the Ages v1.0.2 Instructions: Ark of the Ages v1.0.2d by : chathu_ac

Handy Album Pro v6.2

Handy Album Pro v6.2

Handy Album Pro v6.2: Android 2.2+

Handy Album Pro v6.2: book!

If looking pho software, use PicSay Pro.

If looking frame application, try PicFrame .

If photos, text, handwriting, decorations in nice electronic album, Handy Album can fulfill !

No matter of skills familiar software, Pho photos in professional electronic album MINUTES!

There are probably tons Android phone & pad, each different stories, stories Handy Album Pro v6.2 first step baby, a wonderful picnic family, happy hang-out friends, a romantic time lover, a moment re-union event etc.

Are keep these lovely pictures phone want them in beautify album?

When a person`s name picture taken, Do You wish mark special decoration you later?

Do people nicely pho leave scattered photos phone forever?

Handy Album moment a polished pho STEPS!


Choose a pho .

Place & THAT`S IT!!

Professional templates:

Hundreds - design templates, covers , colorful and interesting sticky papers, symbols-in .

Get started a pho, where different templates in book.

filling in—complete creating book results.


Dozens variations, hundreds app.

Handwritten, text sa, pho, doodling unifies.

Copy & delete, layer, view, lock/unlock, replace pho seconds.

Text & Handwriting

Magic Pen allows Write without stopping like writing paper.

24 sticker style backgrounds, 20 Text size, 12 color, numbering, bullet, align, etc.

Demonstration and & sharing

Sharing pho world via Facebook, Email, MMS .

Back book via SD card, email box, JPEG

What's Handy Album Pro v6.2 : (Updated : May 22, 2013)

A large collection default fonts.



Handy Album Pro v6.2:

Handy Album Pro v6.2:

Download : Handy Album Pro v6.2 Instructions:

MirrorHandy Album Pro v6.2:

Call Recorder Pro v2.0

Call Recorder Pro v2.0

Call Recorder Pro v2.0: Android 2.1+

Call Recorder Pro v2.0: Pro Call Recorder Pro v2.0 Recorder without Ads additional Call Recorder Pro v2.0.

Pro Call Recorder Pro v2.0 Recorder application ability to:

- Enable/Disable call recording.

- Records all calls.

- Play/Stop recorded audio item

- Delete recorded items.

- Lock recorded items from auto-cleaning

- Send selected records .

- Confirmation dialog: Would recorded call shown just after .


- Enable/Disable notifications.

- Show confirmation dialog.

- Configure automatic cleaning.

- Recording source.

- Recording quality.

- File format.

- Recording channel.

What's Call Recorder Pro v2.0 : (Updated : May 22, 2013)

Added link page.

Added Dropbox synchronization.

Added link page.

Added Dropbox synchronization.


Call Recorder Pro v2.0:

Call Recorder Pro v2.0:

Download : Call Recorder Pro v2.0 Instructions:

MirrorCall Recorder Pro v2.0:

Next Launcher 3D v1.32 Beta

Next Launcher 3D v1.32 Beta[/b]

Next Launcher 3D v1.32 Beta: Android 2.2+, Lucky Patcher

Next Launcher 3D v1.32 Beta: Designed Dev Team, ‘Next Launcher 3D’ shows how a 3-D launcher could be possibly like -- Extend imagination, extend capabilities. Wish t a wonderful holiday!

Next Launcher 3D v1.32 Beta :

1. Various operation: icons support rotation, reset, select, align on. Operation .

2 .Unlimited screen layout: placing icons randomly which forms home screen.

3. Stereoscopic screen preview: lots display effects, dazzling animation switching Next Launcher 3D v1.32 Beta adding screen.

4. Quick screen management: adding different kinds ed application icons, folders . It’ll support changing wallpapers soon.

5. Rotatable dock: inverting upward switch among home screen, screen ed screen preview.

6. Powerful app drawer: icons arranged time, created icons. Batch mode apps available.

7. Beautiful scrolling effects: a variety drawer scrolling effects a distinctive screen switching experience.

8. Fancy 3D Next Launcher 3D v1.32 Beta: 3D Next Launcher 3D v1.32 Beta based Launcher soon!


1.Please make sure Google Play.

2.Phone performance:Android 2.3.3 ; Dual-core models .

3. Suggestion:Watch Launcher first, Next Launcher 3D v1.32 Beta operation product.

What's Next Launcher 3D v1.32 Beta :


1. (New) Gesture (Long press -> Gesture)

2. (New) 'Back' button gesture (Menu -> Preferences -> Gesture -> Click 'Back' button)

3. (New) Icon font size editable (Personality -> Icon editor -> Label size) - Temporarily 4.0.x .x

4. (Improve) Element swing amplitude setting (Menu -> Preferences -> Effects settings -> Swing amplitude)

5. (Improve) Next key supports vertical slide circularly

6. (Next Launcher 3D v1.32 Beta) Some FC Next Launcher 3D v1.32 Beta

Use latest Lucky Patcher



Download : Next Launcher 3D v1.32 Beta APK :