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Order & Chaos Duels Hacks


ORDER DUELS HACK Free Order & Chaos Duels HacksABOUT GAME:

Rediscover & Chaos universe FREE collectible trading cardGame (TCG) forces adventures real players supremacy.

demonic spir Corruption twisted, wicked playground once again.

Create hero, Dueler, ’s!

★ 250+ gorgeous cards , reflecting direction & Chaos

★ Fast & accessible duels go special effects

★ Deep content & strategy mechanics traditional TCG

★ Epic live & asynchronous multiplayer fights

★ Quests & adventures against evil




ORDER DUELS Cheats Details:

  • Version: 1.0
  • Device: iPhone 4G/4S, iPad, iPod touch, Android
  • Anti-Ban Protection : Yes
  • Undetectable Script : Yes
  • Tested perfectly.

Besides t DUELS Cheats following Order & Chaos Duels Hacks:

  • Adds Unlimited Gold

  • Adds All Runes
  • Undetectable

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AVP: Evolution v1.2.1

AVP: Evolution v1.2.1

: 2.3+

: creatures universe face off first time phone . Play official Mob Games, ™, Guerrilla Bob Knight.

On a distant planet, feud between Predator clans continues . final attempt Hunter Clan, Predators secure unlikely species, . Alien, ultimately destroy Predators from enslavement. Jungle Hunter Predator, eliminate Queen Predators from annihilating .


*Two distinct gaming experiences engage ultimate battle

*Vicious attacks finishing moves give players a lethal arsenal havoc enemy


*Engineer unique Alien via character upgrades, enhanced abilities, multitude armor

*Gain Calls, Rage Rechargers, Net Guns, Proximity Mines, Thermal Vision, Alien Vision, Plasma Cannons more


*It’s kill killed advance through Arena, Marine Base, Alien Hive other eerie settings


*Rich detail, impressive character models lighting

What's AVP: Evolution v1.2.1:

• 30% Performance improvements

• free easier when cornered enemies

• Combat camera improvements

• Difficulty adjustments

Previous update:

• New option auto-lock enemies

• Drone Alien runs faster

• Plasma cannon auto-locks faster

• Execution swipes easier

• New difficulty option added: play mode

• ’t take damage while performing execution moves

• Various fixes



AVP: Evolution v1.2.1 Instructions: AVP: Evolution v1.2.1d by : chathu_ac



AVP: Evolution v1.2.1:






Instructions :

Install APK

Copy 'com.fde.avpevolution' folder to 'sdcard/Android/obb'


Root Gameloft games not working

hi everybody,

i mini 2 rooted, & i see games like ( knight rises , Modern combat 4 , asphalt 7 ...) r running 2 , but i them work , they keep checking & restart ,so any help...

S-Voice v11.0.0.1 (Samsung Galaxy s4)

S-Voice v11.0.0.1 (Samsung Galaxy s4)

S-Voice v11.0.0.1 (Samsung Galaxy s4): 4.0+

S-Voice v11.0.0.1 (Samsung Galaxy s4): -Voice APK

The S-Voice APK been tested Samsung devices like the Galaxy Note 2 S3, appears without a hitch. According tests, ’t play with AOSP-based ROMs, though.


S-Voice v11.0.0.1 (Samsung Galaxy s4):


Download : S-Voice v11.0.0.1 (Samsung Galaxy s4) Instructions:


MirrorS-Voice v11.0.0.1 (Samsung Galaxy s4):


Premium Widgets & Weather v1.3.7

Premium Widgets & Weather v1.3.7

Premium Widgets & Weather v1.3.7: 2.2

Premium Widgets & Weather v1.3.7: Fantastic Widgets, & weather + professional weather App-day hourly forecast, detailed info and HD weather animations. beautiful Premium Widgets & Weather v1.3.7 + weather app for Android!

Choose between 6 different Widgets, different themes. Widgets include Digital Clock, special effects like rain drops or clouds, forecast.

With just a touch enters "full screen mode" weather HD animations forecast. Other Premium Widgets & Weather v1.3.7 include detailed weather info, location-aware weather, weather name, .

Widgets include:

- 3 Different Premium Clocks

- Homescreen widget, weather, hourly forecast, 3-day forecast.

- Small Clock + weather

- Special effects (rain drops, sunshine, clouds)

- supports 10 different skins!

Main Weather App include:

- "Today" advanced weather data (pressure, humidity, visibility, cloud cover, precipitation)

- 4-day hourly weather forecasts (morning, mid-day, evening, night)

- Today Sunrise/Sunset time

- Full Screen Weather animations (night & day)

- data Weather Online

- Works name

Premium Widgets fastest growing weather app, 20 updates released few month. working hard better, be !

What's Premium Widgets & Weather v1.3.7 : (Updated : Mar 26, 2012)

New City search results, so sure city.

Premium Widgets & Weather v1.3.7 Premium Widgets & Weather v1.3.7 update problem

Automatic clock format set

5 new skins

1 new Big 4x4 skin

Premium Widgets & Weather v1.3.7 location tracking

Possibility video downloads


Premium Widgets & Weather v1.3.7:

Premium Widgets & Weather v1.3.7:

Premium Widgets & Weather v1.3.7" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...premiumPremium Widgets & Weather v1.3.7

Download : Premium Widgets & Weather v1.3.7 Instructions: released


MirrorPremium Widgets & Weather v1.3.7:


Friendcaster Pro for Facebook v5.3.3

Friendcaster Pro v5.3.3

Friendcaster Pro v5.3.3: 1.6

Friendcaster Pro v5.3.3: FriendCaster Pro - Facebook experience devices, ads!

Friendcaster #1 third party Facebook app available 3,000,000 downloads reviews.

Version 5.0 a beautiful interface, loads Friendcaster Pro for Facebook v5.3.3 and real time Facebook notifications available through Google Play. When “fix”, Friendcaster way , ’s free!

With Friendcaster we've also put making VERY fast. Tired Facebook app ? Go!

If Friendcaster Pro for Facebook v5.3.3 you're after, we've got em:

★ All Facebook Friendcaster Pro for Facebook v5.3.3 (status updates, photos, messages, events, groups, checkins, etc)

★ Instant real time notifications (much faster than any other Facebook app)

★ Full news feed

★ Comment, post comments

★ 5 beautiful themes, !

★ Quick access status updates, photos

★ Quick access

★ Beautiful checkin map friend's locations

★ Easily view feed based Facebook friend lists

★ Displays size cover pho opening screen

★ Support accounts

★ Hi-res photos directly news feed

★ Quick setup assistant

★ Designed specifically Cream Sandwich

Friendcaster Pro for Facebook v5.3.3 throughout ... give try!

Facebook be once you've used t. Keep friends faster.

Got a Facebook feature you'd like would make better? feedback every day effort to continue making t best app available.

What's Friendcaster Pro for Facebook v5.3.3 :

+ Added DashClock extension

+ Friendcaster Pro for Facebook v5.3.3 support accounts

+ Several fixes related

+ Zip (clicking zipped post post instead , zipping a post position)

+ Friendcaster Pro for Facebook v5.3.3 posting , events, if selected from favorites

+ Added option photos resolution


Friendcaster Pro for Facebook v5.3.3:


Download : Friendcaster Pro for Facebook v5.3.3 Instructions:


MirrorFriendcaster Pro for Facebook v5.3.3: