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Color Zen v1.0 (Unlocked)

Color Zen v1.0 (Unlocked)

: 2.0.1+

: Color Zen new kind game.

One put headphones, relax, through world . There score. No penalties. Just a simple set , intuitive controls, puzzles. Get in flow Zen.

T a labor team Animal Games.


Color Zen v1.0 (Unlocked):

Color Zen v1.0 (Unlocked) Instructions:

Color Zen v1.0 (Unlocked):

Kick The Obama v1 Mod (Unlimited Money)

Kick v1 Mod (Unlimited Money)

: 2.2

: Presidents - state people!

If , but , face such a distinguished person reach , relax fun app. There cold weapon that president "", taste. If it's , but reason not like him, try him very unique way ... What? Find out for yourself!

Kick The Obama v1 Mod (Unlimited Money):

1) U.S. President Barack Obama lead role!

2) arsenal ;

3) Many different ways ;

4) damage, money weapons!


Kick The Obama v1 Mod (Unlimited Money):

Kick The Obama v1 Mod (Unlimited Money) Instructions:

Kick The Obama v1 Mod (Unlimited Money):

Angry Birds Star Wars v1.2.2 mod (Free Shopping)

Angry Birds Star Wars v1.2.2 mod (Free Shopping)

: 2.2

: May be!


A long time ago galaxy far, far away... a group rebel birds faced off against a galactic menace: ’s evil Pigtroopers!

Rebel birds, striking from a hidden base, their first victory against Imperial Pigs. During , Rebel spies managed secret plans Empire’s ultimate weapon, STAR, racing Rebel Birds. need !

Join adventure Angry Birds legendary Star Wars™ universe! Use , wield , away Pigtroopers intergalactic journey from depths Pig Star -- where you’ll face off against Darth Vader, Dark Lord Pigs! become a Jedi Master freedom galaxy?

Time ! May be!


Explore 80 levels locations like Tatooine Pig Star. dodge Imperial pigs, laser turrets, Tusken Raider pigs, dark side Force all three stars?


Use lightsabers, Blasters powers havoc Imperial Pigs!


Keep playing birds their skills!


unlock all -D2 -3PO bonus levels?


T beginning epic saga!


Stuck tricky level? Earn stars Falcon down . New goals, achievements !


The ultimate training ground Young Jedi, t-app purchase unlocks 40 Dagobah Challenge Levels Master Yoda! Master of lightsaber!

What's Angry Birds Star Wars v1.2.2 mod (Free Shopping):

some minor issues experience. Thanks, popping those pigs!


Angry Birds Star Wars v1.2.2 mod (Free Shopping):

Angry Birds Star Wars v1.2.2 mod (Free Shopping) Instructions:

Angry Birds Star Wars v1.2.2 mod (Free Shopping):

NodeBeat v1.3.8

NodeBeat v1.3.8

NodeBeat v1.3.8: Android 2.2+

NodeBeat v1.3.8: NodeBeat experimental node-based audio sequencer music application, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


Make inspiring music creations, visual music app ages. Whether you're 5, NodeBeat will make like a pro. Create music matter generate its own. Easily record your creations friends.

★ Audio NodeBeat v1.3.8

- 20 Musical Scales

- All 12 Musical Keys Signatures

- 7 Octave Range

- Background Keyboard/Piano

- Audio Waveform Adjustment (Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square)

- Creative Sound Sculpting (Echo, Attack, Decay, Release)

★ Rhythm NodeBeat v1.3.8

- Adjustable Tempo

★ Sharing/Exporting NodeBeat v1.3.8

- Record audio file

- Save/Load Creations

★ General NodeBeat v1.3.8

- Adjustable Node Physics (gravity, speed, proximity)

- Drum Generators

- Start/Stop Nodes tapping

- Sleep Timer asleep


Created Sandler Windle. Ported Muller.

NodeBeat , iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, .


★ Notes ★

★ ★ ★ If there's a problem, please contact us so help feedback[at] 't fix problems if 't know what they are. ★ ★ ★

- devices running Android 2.2, memory usage significantly bug fixed 2.3 and above. updating 2.3+ if possible this issue.

What's NodeBeat v1.3.8 :


• New settings button access menu options

• Multiple Recordings! recordings'd like

• Background Audio! In "Settings" there's no NodeBeat continue background


NodeBeat v1.3.8:

Download : NodeBeat v1.3.8 Instructions:

MirrorNodeBeat v1.3.8:

OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2)

OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2)

OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2): Android 2.2+

OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2): OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2) official YouTube app.


Keep YouTube channels ’s videos anywhere official YouTube app.

What's OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2) :

*Add new option "Default quality"

*Add new option "Default quality/4G"

*Add new option "Show all qualities" (Show all qualities in quality button what's work 's send report )

*Add new option "Theme" (Support OGDownload : OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2)er only.. YouTube supported asap)

Note: WebM OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2) cause Rotation lags & FLV


OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2):

Download : OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2) Instructions:

MirrorOG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2):

OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2) :

Pause/Resume option

Download : OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2) all available qualities

Download : OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2) one video same time

4 Formats available 3GB, FLV, MP4

Download : OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2) videos directly

All qualities playable *140p~1080p*

Screen off playback (thanks to @theos0o)

GameKeyboard v4.2.0

GameKeyboard v4.2.0

GameKeyboard v4.2.0: Android 2.1+

GameKeyboard v4.2.0: Soft keyboard tailor-made games. Control keyboard/gampad-only games (e.g. Flash, Xperia Play or Onlive games), touch-only games keyboard/gamepad (e.g. Street Fighter IV HD).

GameKeyboard v4.2.0


1. virtual gamepad with:

- multi-touch (depends )

- 4/8-way d-pad, 12

- resizable buttons layout

- fully configurable buttons mappings

2. re-mapping physical keys

3. save key/button mappings

4. full qwerty keyboard

5. work

6. work controller through OS party tools like BluezIME

7. support user-defined macro autofire, combo keys sequence button hit

8. emulate Xperia Play Controller buttons

9. emulate Touchscreen action (need root)

10. emulate Analog Joystick (need root)

11. support USB Analog Stick (need root)

12. support Xperia Play Touchpad (need root)

13. support MOGA Controller (need root Universal Driver system mode)



This app add-on emulators. Various GameKeyboard v4.2.0 can work other apps but please test compatibility. For Motorola Bionic user, there ROM issue where many GameKeyboard v4.2.0 which designed keyboard.

For best compatibility using Bluetooth Controller when physical controller .



Depends, ROM app there different ways keyboard, e.g.:

- some apps-in option keyboard

- some devices support using long pressing [Menu] key keyboard

GameKeyboard also provide two methods cannot be used:

- switch Launcher, tap "call out keyboard after exit" button, then switch back

- turn on "Settings->[Vol. Up] Key Action" then use [Vol. Up]

What's GameKeyboard v4.2.0 :

4.2.0 ** Please REBOOT after update **

-[Experimental] remote control thr. An2An Keyboard, benefits include better compatibility mouse buttons, see homepage [Remote control from another device].

-[fix] improve Touchscreen Mode camera pan, especially

-[fix] resized d-pad bug

Other Recent Changes

-[new] Pan camera ("Use Mouse Input"), see homepage "Using".

right analog stick Combat 4 natively, check out MC4 Helper app


GameKeyboard v4.2.0:

Download : GameKeyboard v4.2.0 Instructions:

MirrorGameKeyboard v4.2.0:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

TuneWiki Pro v4.6.2

TuneWiki Pro v4.6.2

TuneWiki Pro v4.6.2: 2.2+

TuneWiki Pro v4.6.2: music player where get, share TuneWiki Pro v4.6.2 lyrics .

TuneWiki Pro Ad-Free TuneWiki Pro v4.6.2 's award winning music player!

Play lyrics


Create Lyric Art photos

Let lyrics tell a great story!

* Listen music lyrics

* Design & share images

* Get lyrics instantly translated in+ languages

* Share Photos from

* Free, unlimited SongID lyrics

* Discover new music – Vis what lyrics are

most popular

* See all popular photos Art

* View detailed tag info, albums

* Create, manage, playlists

* Supports installation card. Please note

within OS, disabled when the

SD card.

* Sync lyrics, flag lyrics, along


What's TuneWiki Pro v4.6.2 : (Updated : Jun 5, 2013)

Lyric Art ways lyrics!

Tag typing: @mentions auto-complete!

Bug fixes enhancements


TuneWiki Pro v4.6.2:

Download : TuneWiki Pro v4.6.2 Instructions:

MirrorTuneWiki Pro v4.6.2:

EVA - Virtual Assistant v3.01

EVA - Virtual Assistant v3.01

EVA - Virtual Assistant v3.01: 2.2+

EVA - Virtual Assistant v3.01: EVA must if voice to increase your productivity. It's like Siri but many truly useful functions you why 't come standard with Android.

It includes a dedicated Car Mode extremely useful if to use while driving. application your smart phone so much smarter. a powerful Profiles feature change loads phone in one instant simply . There 20 videos on my YouTube channel (link below) every aspect of the application. Take advantage free 28 day trial cannot possibly try a few hours let alone a week. Read to see what other people tell your family, friends -workers. Thanks, Peter.

28 day trial EVA - Virtual Assistant v3.01 from page. functions. Uninstall EVA - Virtual Assistant v3.01 prior to installing t. Your settings retained. EVA same as AVX a different look.

NOTE: If any problems please email me (link below, I don't bite). wasting leaving review because Google provided a way you.

Who should use EVA? If looking application hands-free operation phone then EVA . If you are just looking electronic friend please go with one Siri clones. other h a real virtual assistant extremely useful functions make easier then please give EVA a try.

EVA you'd expect plus some probably never knew were possible. Here list functions wont find competition:

★ Reading text (including Google Voice) (including Microsoft Exchange)

★ Reading instant messages via Google Talk

★ Integration

★ Integration

★ Home Automation. Turn lights , open door whole lot more, all commands or scheduled location.

★ Time based reminders. Remind do something day and/or time.

★ Location based reminders. Remind do something based location.

★ Location based actions. Perform any function based on location. automatically text when you leave .

★ Time based actions. Perform any function set day

★ In-Car mode including wake customizable function buttons

★ Custom voice shortcuts phone EVA - Virtual Assistant v3.01. Give any name them using.

★ Voice bookmarks favorite web sites.

★ Activate just

★ Works Bluetooth Headsets In-Car Bluetooth devices

★ Read NFC tags devices

★ Remote control over Google Talk

★ Too many other EVA - Virtual Assistant v3.01

For online manual please go to:

If tried Vlingo, Speaktoit, Jeannie, Skyvi want something most everything they plus a lot more then give EVA a try.

If a male assistant please choose EVAN instead.

If 't already third party text voice that replaces Pico voice phone I recommend SVOX Classic.Download : EVA - Virtual Assistant v3.01 SVOX Classic .

EVA only. Please don't me 1 star ratings having your language. I am one person working. Other languages possible time!

What's EVA - Virtual Assistant v3.01 : (Updated : Jun 5, 2013)

Locate where


EVA - Virtual Assistant v3.01:

Download : EVA - Virtual Assistant v3.01 Instructions:

MirrorEVA - Virtual Assistant v3.01:

ROM Manager (Premium) v5.5.2.6

ROM Manager (Premium) v5.5.2.6

ROM Manager (Premium) v5.5.2.6: Android 1.0

ROM Manager (Premium) v5.5.2.6: Must root user. Make backups, flash ROMs, .

ROM Manager MUST Android root user. (Over 3 million downloads !)

* Flash latest ClockworkMod recovery.

* Manage via a handy UI.

* Organize backups from within Android!

* Install ROMs from card.

* Install ROMs over !

Premium Version:

* Premium ROMs

* Receive notifications !

* Automatic backups

* Install from QR ROM Manager (Premium) v5.5.2.6

* Web Connect

* Support

What's ROM Manager (Premium) v5.5.2.6 : (Updated : Jun 6, 2013)

Revamp install from SDCard. Add support patch.

If came Manager you'll remove installing this.


ROM Manager (Premium) v5.5.2.6:

Download : ROM Manager (Premium) v5.5.2.6 Instructions:

MirrorROM Manager (Premium) v5.5.2.6:

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

AccuWeather Platinum v3.1.0.14

AccuWeather Platinum v3.1.0.14

AccuWeather Platinum v3.1.0.14: Android 2.0.1

AccuWeather Platinum v3.1.0.14: AccuWeather Platinum available smart phones , including Nexus

AccuWeather Platinum users love weather forecasts AccuWeather Platinum v3.1.0.14, completely ad free. They describe “brilliant” “best weather app.” The “interface is cool” “love .”

Weatherpro day popular AccuWeather Platinum v3.1.0.14:

Push notifications weather alerts United States.

For worldwide locations, when AccuWeather forecasts snow, ice, rain, wind, probability , see exclamation point displayed within ’s current -day screens.

Exclusive Lifestyle Forecasts showing how current conditions affect specific health risks outdoor activities.

Radar America satellite overlaying interactive Google Maps™.

Current news videos, available English .

Social media sharing so share ’s current conditions, hourly,-day forecasts using media apps you installed phone.

Customizable color themes.

Optional home screen screen AccuWeather Platinum v3.1.0.14 display two-day forecast weather warnings, clock. Lock screen widget enabled from your settings menu screen widget enabled through ’s operating system.

get , local weather forecasts from AccuWeather:

Accurate forecasts.7 million locations worldwide. Forecasts updated next 15 days – all different languages.

Current weather conditions updated every hour very latest humidity percentages, visibility, UV index, wind speed gusts and direction, times , and RealFeel® – AccuWeather’s exclusive weather forecasting system that analyzes multiple weather conditions how temperature actually feels.

Status bar home screen displaying temperature current location.

Ability amount , saved.

Choice between metric units, a 12-hour-hour time display.

Available across Android operating systems, including Ice Cream Sandwich .

What's AccuWeather Platinum v3.1.0.14 : (Updated : Jun 4, 2013)

AccuWeather Platinum v3.1.0.14 push messaging through GCM (requires new permissions)

Our app new AccuWeather branding!

(R) temperature selected notification temperature

Current location saved long press

Severe weather alert added AccuWeather Platinum v3.1.0.14

Several fixes , optimizations experience

Please re-add AccuWeather Platinum v3.1.0.14 if there issue. Email issues, here .


AccuWeather Platinum v3.1.0.14:

Download : AccuWeather Platinum v3.1.0.14 Instructions:

MirrorAccuWeather Platinum v3.1.0.14:

Tv Free Online v1.33

Tv Free Online v1.33

Tv Free Online v1.33: 2.2+

Tv Free Online v1.33: Tv Online able us strings themselves TV wherever without TV, Internet connection tablet phone

With Free Tv Online able us strings themselves TV wherever without TV, Internet connection tablet phone

Need Adobe Flash Player

Thanks RubenGM


Tv Free Online v1.33:

Download : Tv Free Online v1.33 Instructions:

MirrorTv Free Online v1.33:

Moviethek (Unlocked) v2.65

Moviethek (Unlocked) v2.65

Moviethek (Unlocked) v2.65: 4.0.3

Moviethek (Unlocked) v2.65: Catalogue movie collection track anytime .

T provides opportunity via phone and/ pc.

Especially collections t helps and may possibly even prevent a double purchase movie. T Moviethek (Unlocked) v2.65 movies. you additionally need the ‘Moviethek Unlocker’ App.

Moviethek (Unlocked) v2.65 :

- Intelligent Search: search local list. It`s titel. A part title good enough.Like t search fast.

- After adding a title local list be directed back to results list (configurable settings) movies series added quickly.

- Movie titles, covers language (if provides language)

- Search within collection

- Moviethek (Unlocked) v2.65 movie title, cover, plot, cast role movie, year, which medium the movie (Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, DVD, HDD, 3D HDD, HD-DVD, NAS, Other)

- Jump directly IMDB App IMDB website detailed information

- 2 different views: list-view movie information pure cover-view

- T und mobile phones

- View covers screen mode

- Various sorting options

- T optimized nice user experience

- Import database . sharing between multiple devices

- All already added local list/collection well available mode

If any comments occur within , please report those following email address: @

T way I , questions. Please don´t use feature within Store

"T uses API but endorsed."

Declaration required permissions:

- Network access: information from

- Network access state: Message, if network

- write USB Storage: stored storage

- camera: take pictures movies manually


able any movies. It's just

What's Moviethek (Unlocked) v2.65 :

- NEW: Genre-Filter: Horror

- optimizations view


Moviethek (Unlocked) v2.65:

Download : Moviethek (Unlocked) v2.65 Instructions: Pro Moviethek (Unlocked) v2.65. No key needed.

MirrorMoviethek (Unlocked) v2.65:

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Leviathan: Warships v1.1

Leviathan: Warships v1.1

: 4.0 /Tegra 3

: Leviathan: Warships strategic action players their own fleet against their friends.

Play together co-op campaign missions against Marauder threat through special Challenge Missions friends.

If want capabilities, fight against across multiple maps. editor Leviathan: Warships v1.1 multiple ship types which combined any possible way, allowing players out a vast amount possibilities.

Leviathan: Warships v1.1:

*Tactical Action: Plot out come alongside ’ moves

*Form : Customize choosing from multiple ship types them vast set offensive weaponry.

*Sink : Cross-platform play between Android tablets, PC together games built-in cloud saving functionality, allows continue from any computer, tablet

*Enlist : Bring along 3 other players individual challenge missions, full co-op campaign spanning nine levels.

*Own : Prove sea replays battles

*Support Sailors: Offline mode available


Leviathan: Warships v1.1 Instructions:

SD:Android/data:(or using WiFi)

Elder Sign: Omens v1.3.0

Elder Sign: Omens v1.3.0

: Android 2.2+

: excitement Sign available !

excitement Sign available! Elder Sign: Omens places control intrepid investigators, fight all-powerful Ancient Ones from invading our world through a museum’s arcane exhibits!

Build a team investigators

Explore-changing museum

Face challenging arcane tasks

Save from absolute destruction

Exp horror in-app purchase

st arrival malevolent Ancient One?

While Elder Sign: Omens brilliantly conveys Elder Sign dice game, a few noteworthy differences were adopted play experience:

A limited number Ancient Ones streamlines play experience while offering adjustable levels . Face Yig mode, Azathoth mode, mode (in-app purchase required Cthulhu).

A number changes increase humanity., negative effects drawn every midnight challenging, frequency of “no effect” results decreased. Monsters been altered them .

Finally, there Ally cards Sign: Omens, which further streamlines play while increasing challenge.

What's Elder Sign: Omens v1.3.0 : (Updated : May 31, 2013)

Pharaoh premium IAP campaign added.

Added free Hastur campaign.

Reorganized main menu.

Bug fixes & Optimizations


Elder Sign: Omens v1.3.0 Instructions:

Elder Sign: Omens v1.3.0:



Copy 'com.fantasyflightgames.ESAndroid' folder into '/sdcard/Android/obb'


Gallery & Apps Lock Pro + Hide v1.10

Gallery & Apps Lock Pro + Hide v1.10

Gallery & Apps Lock Pro + Hide v1.10: 2.2

Gallery & Apps Lock Pro + Hide v1.10: Get & Hi-tech solution your worries Gallery & Apps Lock Pro + Hide v1.10 your privacy. *With Gallery Lock images, videos, more secured from intruding friends members!*

Unlike other security Apps, t provides Hiding Secret Photos/Videos, but also lets Gallery Access completely. that's, lets any other App Phone. Simply Lock access SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Email, facebook & watsapp! Unbelievable, t such.

In Gallery Lock Pro :

Hidden Mode - No Limits.

Encryption Mode - Enabled.

Apps Locker – Lock unlimited Apps.

In App Ads – No Ads.

Delay Prompt – No Delay prompt.

All Hi tech Gallery & Apps Lock Pro + Hide v1.10 like Voice Lock, Stealth Mode & Double Door Protection enabled.

Gallery Hider - Hide images, videos, & audio with 'Gallery Hider'.

hide files different modes –

1. Hidden – Experience fast functioning protection

2. Encrypted – Provide Supreme Protection codes. Hiding/unhiding action may be slower.

Apps Locker – Selectively Lock & Download : Gallery & Apps Lock Pro + Hide v1.10ed apps!

Au – Set Timer app secured files as well. Set timer 't want password while accessing gallery!

Lock Modes – These lock modes make t a revolutionary attempt & a success towards perfect security!

1. PIN Lock –

Set a PIN which need .

2. Pattern Lock –

Create a unique pattern files.

3. *Voice Lock -

For time history apps set voice lock!

Stealth Mode – Make icon invisible !

Most revolutionary 'Stealth Mode' icon invisible. To make dial *#007# phone & press 'Call'.

Double Door Protection – Use 1 Lock Mode access files.

The amazing, innovative, among its kind - 'Double Door Protection' ! Select any 2 3 lock modes, & your gallery protected!

Get a whole new level !


1) I all my hidden files after mistakenly uninstalling .

We suggest unhide all before uninstalling . If you anyway, still get them back by re-installing .

2) I , but 't seem . I my gallery without any password. What ?

When , associated services till you re-launch . So whenever higher Gallery & Apps Lock Pro + Hide v1.10 , please relaunch start .

3) I my access app, how do I get ?

It's simple access app even after forgotten your PIN, Pattern, Access . fill Hint Answer saved by launch. subm Email id (which you submitted time launch), answer sent through . After entering Answer, change .

What's Gallery & Apps Lock Pro + Hide v1.10 : (Updated : May 29, 2013)

Critical bug fixes

Break - when someone tries in protection.

Data Recovery - Lost images & videos.

Lock Gallery from a same page.

Improvement Password module & Bug fixes.

As per users, icon removed.

Gallery & Apps Lock Pro + Hide v1.10 performance.


Gallery & Apps Lock Pro + Hide v1.10:

Download : Gallery & Apps Lock Pro + Hide v1.10 Instructions:

MirrorGallery & Apps Lock Pro + Hide v1.10:

Solid Explorer (Trial) v1.4.5 + Unlocker

Solid Explorer (Trial) v1.4.5 + Unlocker

Solid Explorer (Trial) v1.4.5 + Unlocker: 2.2+

Solid Explorer (Trial) v1.4.5 + Unlocker: Solid Explorer file manager independent panels which brings a new file browsing experience. T attractive, eye catching file manager Android.

Main Solid Explorer (Trial) v1.4.5 + Unlocker:

1. Two independent panels

2. Drag inside panels

3. FTP, SFTP /CIFS clients

4. File sharing via FTP

5. Support, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2 archives

6. Creating ZIP archives

7. Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, GoogleDrive ()


9. Root access

10. Indexed search

11. Detailed file information

What's Solid Explorer (Trial) v1.4.5 + Unlocker :

-WebDav client support

-file sharing point mode

-Vietnamese language

-new sliding panel bookmark access (swipe from edge screen)

-dynamic list resizing gesture

-file operation queue

-NFC file transfer (files be checked)

-file association editor

-list animations

-remote files edited locally uploaded back automatically

-improved list filtering stay, query history


Solid Explorer (Trial) v1.4.5 + Unlocker:

Download : Solid Explorer (Trial) v1.4.5 + Unlocker Instructions:

MirrorSolid Explorer (Trial) v1.4.5 + Unlocker:

Greek WPA finder v3.2

Greek WPA finder v3.2: Android 2.2

Greek WPA finder v3.2: Default codes Greece


T properly inside Greece Greek Routers ONLY. wider range brands please consider using RouterKeygen app.

Recovery performs factory code from specific router brands test OWN network. foreign network help application, inform network vacuum discovered .

Google play

Download : Greek WPA finder v3.2

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