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Fangz HD v1.1 (Unlimited Coins)

Fangz HD v1.1 (Unlimited Coins)

: 2.2+

: Fangz Arcade's forum !

We're getting rave reviews from all top gaming sites!


"'Fangz' Cool Beat 'em Trades"

"..you'll be getting a fun romp.."


"T-scrolling beat ‘em extremely gory, but visuals still made us smile."

undead shooter arrived.

99% rejoice! Here's % pay sins. Shoot, slash lawyers, bankers vampires, h worlds, made renowned artist Alex Gallego.

- Incredible 2d art. Watch bloodsuckers suffer detail.

- Amazingly smooth cartoon animations.

- 10 level campaign mode, riveting Michael Bay-sized story bosses.

- Survival mode.

- Store unlockable weapons upgradeable player stats.

- Easy , hard .

Gameplay videos at http://youtu.be/x6-5D6IkD5E http://youtu.be/qCuYxL2Lng8 .

Please support us Fangz a 5 star review. Fangz beat'em/shoot'em up, already started working yummy updates.

What's new:

Thank !

listened. Fangz HD 1.1 has:

- Multiple difficulty levels

- New jump mechanic,'t take away energy (a new stamina bar was introduced)

- No timers

- New perks (coin doubler, fat wings feet)

Please continue us, so Fangz best its kind.

Update: Fangz 1.11 corrects a small glitch tutorial.



Fangz HD v1.1 (Unlimited Coins) Instructions:


Fangz HD v1.1 (Unlimited Coins):









Monster Shooter 2 v1.1.614 Mod (Unlimited Gold/Money)

Monster Shooter 2 v1.1.614 Mod (Unlimited Gold/Money)

: 2.3+

: Take alien invaders battle action-packed planet-sized war zone!

DumDum successfully rescued from alien abductors 10 million-downloads smartphone smash h Shooter. octoped attackers, entire planet danger.

A huge arsenal , including full mech suits capable entire army invaders.

won't be going t. Monster Shooter 2: Back includes full co-operative alien-blasting action buddy those moggie-munching monsters what you're made of.

Grab a gun in year's most high-octane, action-packed shooter adventure!

Monster Shooter 2: Back Monster Shooter 2 v1.1.614 Mod (Unlimited Gold/Money):

· Gorgeous high-definition graphics.

· 80 different levels.

· Four destructible environments (suburbs, city, desert ).

· Over 20 different weapons, including a Mech Warrior suit!

· Lots enemies boss battles.

· Three (Story, Survival )

· Co-op gameplay action on-screen companion.

· Over 100 objective-driven missions.

· Soundtrack composed Witcher musician Marcin Przybyłowicz (available separately).

v1.1.614 update:

- Monthly Subscription added! – removes energy system from (no !) + 50% higher Gold rewards Ups.

- Crash issues fixed

- Balance optmizations

- fixed



Monster Shooter 2 v1.1.614 Mod (Unlimited Gold/Money) Instructions: thanks


Monster Shooter 2 v1.1.614 Mod (Unlimited Gold/Money):




Mirrors of Albion v1.12.3

Mirrors of Albion v1.12.3s v1.12.3

: 2.3.3 – 4.2

: Mirrors of Albion v1.12.3s newest hidden-object, creators smash-hit, Mystery Manor.

T new place mystical Mirrors of Albion v1.12.3s of Albion v1.12.3">Mirrors of Albion v1.12.3s of Albion v1.12.3 England, combining work Holmes captivating fantasy .

In Mirrors of Albion v1.12.3s , you'll explore totally new take-era London fraught, crime, . Solve challenging puzzles 's unique story countless quests eventual mission machinations Queen . Mirrors of Albion v1.12.3s of Albion v1.12.3">Mirrors of Albion v1.12.3s of Albion v1.12.3 Mirrors of Albion v1.12.3s now!

Official facebook community: Mirrors of Albion v1.12.3sOfAlbion" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://www.facebook.com/Mirrors of Albion v1.12.3sOfAlbion

Game Mirrors of Albion v1.12.3s of Albion v1.12.3">Mirrors of Albion v1.12.3s of Albion v1.12.3:

- Challenging hidden-object gameplay play modes

- A one-of-a-kind plot inspired classic story “Through -Glass”

- A cast characters secrets own

- Epic battles against London’s shadowy crime lords

- Stunning graphics effects

- Best , Mirrors of Albion v1.12.3s FREE !



Mirrors of Albion v1.12.3s of Albion v1.12.3">Mirrors of Albion v1.12.3s of Albion v1.12.3 Instructions:


Mirrors of Albion v1.12.3:




Quad Drawer, quick app drawer v1.0.2

Quad Drawer, quick app drawer v1.0.2

Quad Drawer, quick app drawer v1.0.2: Android 2.3 +

Quad Drawer, quick app drawer v1.0.2: Quad Drawer quickest way apps. It’s a simple app drawer: using keyboard, just type a few letters app you’re looking Quad you.

Quad Drawer, , quicker!

How much time do searching device? A lot!

Now, Quad, drawer solves .

You want quicker? ’t want homescreen to launch drawer? that! Go settings, and activate “Floating window”. Now, access Quad Drawer from any app icon.

“Ok! That’s good but it’s” think. too, so .

Because all Android users launching apps way, many options app drawer:

- Select how (alphabetically, used, used, date)

- Select how (grid)

- Select (default)

Quad Drawer provides a light dark theme. Choose that suits you according system personal tastes.

With Quad Drawer, never lose time searching apps, ’ll save a lot homescreen so add Widgets

What's Quad Drawer, quick app drawer v1.0.2 : (Updated : Jul 30, 2013)

Performance improvement

Column number setting



Quad Drawer, quick app drawer v1.0.2:


Download : Quad Drawer, quick app drawer v1.0.2 Instructions:


MirrorQuad Drawer, quick app drawer v1.0.2:


D-Photo Measures v3.4.0

D-Pho v3.4.0

D-Pho v3.4.0: 2.1

D-Pho v3.4.0: Draw measures .

D-Measures in-Pho. It's a new name new icon. new zoom feature draw even when objects other.

T application let's measures photo. After photos are marked measurements, they send , to gallery. Remember picture a thous.

An indispensible tool workers, engineers, architects, carpenters, real estate agents, auction sellers, ...

------------- Sketch -------------

- Use a pho library phone a new pho .

- Dimension arrows: 5 types.

- Angles

- Text boxes out details.

- Draw free-h.

- Metric units: m, cm, mm, yd, ft, ft-in.

- Different colors, angles boxes. Use that's visible picture a specific color for specific purposes.

- Graphical indication dimension be moved, edited.

- Zoom function .

------------- Organize -------------

- Custom pho.

By default, current date . Long-press context menu rename the photo.

- Folders.

Organize , customer.

------------- Share -------------

- Share full size photos .

- Share multiple drawings click.

What's New

Version 3.4.0


- Size PDF documents

New D-Photo Measures v3.4.0 :

- Organize folders.

- Add annotations directional arrows.



D-Photo Measures v3.4.0:


Download : D-Photo Measures v3.4.0 Instructions:


MirrorD-Photo Measures v3.4.0:


Locket - Swipe in. Cash out [1.0.4]

Meet Locket, unlocking .

What's new 1.0.4

* Bug fixes

* Optimization

Locket ads lock screen. swipe, either open do. No matter what, paid. Real money. hundreds per year.

Download : Locket - Swipe in. Cash out [1.0.4] Locket time without getting paid.

There a lim 3 swipe-cents per hour FAQ page.

Currently, its BETA United States. Here's how :



First a referred link , Here's mine: http://getlocket.com/r/?7c58099b

While signing up, you must use a zip-code .

Download : Locket - Swipe in. Cash out [1.0.4] "Login".

Use made email .

Invite 'll earn $1 signup.

Download : Locket - Swipe in. Cash out [1.0.4] from Google Play:


Zippyshare MirrorLocket - Swipe in. Cash out [1.0.4]:


Happy Screen Unlocking!!! :D