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Lazy Mouse v1.0.1

Lazy Mouse v1.0.1

: Android O/S : 2.1+

: Lazy Mouse challenging puzzler ages complete graphics!

Lazy Mouse challenging puzzler ages complete graphics, simple controls, original soundtrack. you’ll need use , Plants, Worm Holes, Conveyor Belts Disco Lights .


Lazy a doubt ’s smartest pet mouse. intellect him countless School Science Awards casein genius him no stranger spotlight, appearances .

’s also undoubtedly pet mouse world. He would rather conduct sleep than run around himself., he’d rather all ! Help Lazy through experiments him safely round five uniquely themed Worlds over 50 levels. new worlds make sure enough Cheese Lazy’s appetite for ‘ahem’ knowledge!


Lazy Mouse v1.0.1:



: 2.0.1

: Full 3D Non-Target RPG Defense!!

Unprecedented venture from Snailteeth, SPIRITED SOUL v1.2.9 a new chapter, Spirited Soul !!

Innovative mobile action Defense game! A Charming full 3D Graphic!

Perfect control enjoy just single touch!

RPG? Defense? Now, these to ‘Spirited Soul’ !!

Elia friends very peaceful days.

One day, however, goes awry energy outburst, became swarm monsters spirits.

Now village dangerous. Please help Elia friends t world! Come on!


Non-target Action single Touch

Difficult virtual pad? Spirited Soul everything single thumb.

Avoid, hit, use fabulous skills! Everything !

Adorable Graphic

mobile Full 3D Graphic.

Troop VS Troop Battle

Only one- monsters battle 3D game? troops battle,

groups monsters.

Various kinds , kinds monsters common monsters,

unique skills Hero many items which help success.

experience all these things.

My Own Unique Troop Formation

Enough battle alone! enjoy Group VS Group battle own troops.

Constant Updates

From Sky Castle recording mode, heroes, lots monsters,

various assistant item powerful raid monsters! Various Updates.


Touch! -> Move!, Select!

Double Touch! -> Evade!

What's SPIRITED SOUL v1.2.9: (Updated : Apr 22, 2013)

behavior invulnerable.


80 Clear selection screen select screen.


SPIRITED SOUL v1.2.9: (apk+obb)

Potshot Pirates 3D v1.09

Potshot Pirates 3D v1.09

: Varies

: Famous pirate Joe Elusive had hidden untold wealth somewhere-Pukka islands!

Famous pirate Joe Elusive had hidden untold wealth somewhere-Pukka islands, inhabited skin sharp temper. But where exactly… He had forgotten. , prospective pirate - away these treasures from brazen green Yokkas means.

3D technology allows from either side (360 degrees) point attack., you'll need a good eye - pitching, waves themselves, looks very realistic.

Shoot insolent green targets; destroy wood, glass, steel building - gold. result - gold ratings. win over even - a huge octopus, sweeping village mortal hugs!

Potshot Pirates 3D v1.09:

100 colorful levels, including geolocations, which opens, depending player’s location.

A realistic highly detailed 3D graphics

destructive Kraken

Different nucleuses characteristics

Touch-based controls

Different weather conditions levels

Realistic water, which touched

What's new Potshot Pirates 3D v1.09: (Updated : Apr 22, 2013)

Vote bug fixed


Potshot Pirates 3D v1.09: (apk+obb)

A.I.type Keyboard Plus v1.9.9.0

A.I.type Keyboard Plus v1.9.9.0

A.I.type Keyboard Plus v1.9.9.0: Android 2.1+/Rooted

A.I.type Keyboard Plus v1.9.9.0: keyboard context-sensitive text prediction, auto-correction, auto-learning, undo/redo/navigation capabilities (!) skins (WP7, Win 8 ).

Out box, provides English prediction , but any language ! (add language settings, if it's).

Psychic word completions .I.type’s servers Cloud. When connection slow, Cloud-based prediction, word suggestions generated device only.

also learns words (MyType). Just type normally learning. model device itself servers.

Privacy notice: while installing A.I.type Keyboard, receive a warning message A.I.type Keyboard Plus v1.9.9.0 collecting sensitive data. T general-purpose Android message issued downloaded keyboard does .I.type. Our keyboard DOES DATA.

Personal request: if our keyboard - please be kind us 5 stars Market (“four but five – thrive!”), plus a nice comment. If 't like us - please let us know why (, urge hold yourself from rating us low. working hard great keyboard, challenges way... very responsive , every message (if contact details, ).

Key A.I.type Keyboard Plus v1.9.9.0:

* Suggests word!

* Completes word!

* Corrects type!

* Au when (context-sensitive)!

* Automagically learns words . it - MyType (beta!)

* Supports unique skins (Win Phone 7 skin, iPhone skin, large buttons skin ).

* Allows skin customization - colors, background images etc.

* Includes a layout/redo/copy/paste/navigation .

On our agenda:

* Prediction languages (recommendations?)

* Learning from SMS messages-up

A.I.type's revolutionary text prediction writing 75% keystrokes. entire words instead one letter time. A.I.type emails, SMS messages, chats, social network communications etc.

With A.I.type, you’re looking often appear list without typing even a single letter! Practically any word appears one keystrokes. T comes from A.I.type’s patent pending technology which understands what you’re typing find just looking for.

In addition, when fast typos go, A.I.type auto-corrects , and – being sensitive context – !

Because A.I.type keeps improving, it’s recommended allow -update feature so you’ll always latest A.I.type Keyboard Plus v1.9.9.0 .

What's A.I.type Keyboard Plus v1.9.9.0 : (Updated : Apr 22, 2013)

New emoji previewer emoji’s-supported devices.

Add ‘ñ’ char layout.

Fix device stuck problems.

Support 9 new languages (available soon)


Download : A.I.type Keyboard Plus v1.9.9.0:

If A.I.type Keyboard Plus v1.9.9.0 does try following APK

Install APK Google play

If installed any Predictionary Pack outside from Google play remove them before install original APK

Emoji Plugin v2.0

Predictionary Packs













System Tuner Pro v2.6.0

System Tuner Pro v2.6.0

System Tuner Pro v2.6.0: 1.5

System Tuner Pro v2.6.0: complete all-in-1 Android system tuner phones !

Monitor 's logs, app/process activities, CPU, memory (RAM, internal storage, internal & external SD).

By far consumption monitoring app!

App checked Inspector! If 't want WIFI, BT, PHONE permissions, please check app 'Limited System Tuner Pro'.

Use logcat debug apps

Use terminal emulator linux commands

Highly configurable! Check web-site consumption!


- Show data (cpu, memory) status bar

- Sort processes time, total cpu time, start time, cpu consumption, memory used

- Filter system processes-defined excluded list

- Shows cpu load/frequency, memory/internal/sd usage

- Record (optionally) activities background

- Allows analyzing previous recordings

- Display log(cat)/one process

- Display memory details (RAM & internal)

- Display SD details (internal & external)

- Run comm terminal emulator

- Kill non manually excluded apps automatically

do phones:

- Tweak SD cache size performance (not all phones supported, please report)

- Tweak Android auto-kill memory settings

- Tweak CPU governor + frequencies


- Use different backgrounds (HTC-like) half transparent

- Show cpu load, free/used memory (flash/internal/sd) available, process count, using text side levels.

- Starts 2 different actions icon, including:

. Start/stop recording process activity

. Kill all non-excluded processes

. Refresh

. Start task manager

. Open analyzer

. Open settings

-== Check web-site phones ==-

-== Does consume very little CPU/battery ==-

All system apps!

Kernel processes cannot be killed

What's System Tuner Pro v2.6.0 : (Updated : Apr 22, 2013)

New CPU online core notification

Widget memory display precise

Reduce swiping sensitivity, screen borders

Fix backup stored card

Fix boost apps tweaks disrupting UI until completed


Download : System Tuner Pro v2.6.0:

[APP][2.1+] Timer and Stopwatch

our program which adds a timer Android smartphone.

adds funetsional, but same time great design.

Such functions phone timer stopwatch, most unexpected moment.

Download : [APP][2.1+] Timer and Stopwatch t program , though always be fingertips.

[APP][2.1+] Timer and Stopwatch :

1) 2 timer, .

2) Ability

3) Select .

4) Small application size.

5) set .

In New [APP][2.1+] Timer and Stopwatch :


1) [APP][2.1+] Timer and Stopwatch timer.

2) [APP][2.1+] Timer and Stopwatch Turkish.


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