Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kingdom Rush Frontiers v1.0 (Mod/Unlocked)

Kingdom Rush Frontiers v1.0 (Mod/Unlocked)

: 4.0+

: 's most devilishly addictive defense back - welcome Rush: Frontiers!

Bigger than ever before, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers whole new level furiously fast, enchantingly charming gameplay title-winning hit. Tap through (mis)adventure defend exotic lands from dragons, man-eating plants, denizens underworld -all new towers, levels, heroes, goodies pulp. (Don't worry, we've still got all ol' stuff from game, too. It's vintage now.)

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers packs much content, it's like a fully upgraded artillery blast , pixelated joy launched right in smiling little face... hurts so good!


• Fortify news lands - hold , jungles !

• Eight new specialized tower upgrades! Slice, sizzle, Forts, Mighty Templars, Necromancers, Earthquake Machines - hey, were shaking things up.

• Over 18 tower abilities! Unleash Death Riders, pestilence clouds, !

• Over 40 enemies abilities! Stay toes fight through desert sandworms, tribal shamans, nomad tribes terrors.

• Eleven legendary heroes. Choose their abilities!

• Special units stage! Watch out Black Dragon!

• Merciless boss fights! Hey, get those upgrades...

• Hours 70 achievements!

• Classic, Iron, skills!

• Three difficulty modes! a real challenge? Go mode!

Intoxicating charm rousing score, full-bodied voice-overs illustrated cartoon art! (Complete blood, naturally.)

• In-game encyclopedia! True warriors know thine enemies... towers. Study up!

PRAISE RUSH: IGN Editor's Choice, Slide Must Have, 148 Apps Editor's Choice, Jay , Pocket Gamer Gold Award, Touch Arcade 4.5/5, CNET. Best iPad Games


Kingdom Rush Frontiers v1.0 (Mod/Unlocked) Instructions: Unlimitied diamonds points, unlocked all heroes



: 4.0+


FINAL FANTASY V first debuted fifth installment iconic FINAL FANTASY series. T popular RPG was series over two million copies.

T title allowed players their characters unprecedented degree thanks new job system improved change system used FANTASY III. also saw detailed 2D character models, which helped further fuel 's imagination, making even .


Earth, water, fire, ...

These four crystals peace world,

but they their power verge .

started strange change wind...

Sensing something ominous astir, traveler Bartz astride , Princess Lenna

Tycoon, Galuf, man bad case , pirate captain Far find strangers together.

With spirits fired purpose, heroes set out epic adventure.


FINAL FANTASY V v1.0.1 Instructions: thanks Shooter


Sliding Messaging Pro v7.61

Sliding Messaging Pro v7.61

Sliding Messaging Pro v7.61:Android 4.0

Sliding Messaging Pro v7.61: Easily manage text messages new format compliant Android design guidelines based stock messaging app from Google, Sliding Messaging Pro v7.61.

Sliding Messaging Pro v7.61 :

- Easily switch between conversations out menu left side screen.

- Start a new conversation out right side screen

- Manage old messages single click

- Choose between light themes

- Emoji support (Only if supports them, many do phones)

- Adjust text size notifications though settings

- Quick reply popup

- Multi-window support Note

- Light Flow support ( active once Light Flow updated)

Please note: now, t just a basic messaging app great layout Sliding Messaging Pro v7.61. Currently, MMS supported, but be added future along feature requests, please sound off comments like Sliding Messaging Pro v7.61 s!

If having problems receiving notifications, need 3rd party messengers such SMS.

When using t, do messaging app use permanently save messages phone. however, disable notifications so don't receive 2 .

What's New

- SlideOver 2.0 + Quick Peek

- Ability subjects messages

- Option height pictures resolution images

- Option use Google Voice

- Favorites category emoji keyboard access most used emojis

- Changed default font Light cleaner look

- Minor style changes

- Option conversation list

- Few other optimiztions

- Bug fixes



Download : Sliding Messaging Pro v7.61:

Dynamic Keyboard - Pro v1.9.1

Dynamic Keyboard - Pro v1.9.1

Dynamic Keyboard - Pro v1.9.1: Android 2.1

Dynamic Keyboard - Pro v1.9.1: Dynamic Keyboard! A keyboard type!

Dynamic Keyboard! A keyboard type!

Smart, Fast !

new technologies like touch screens, yet still utilizing them they

were static buttons, without animations! How does t us?

Thank looking Pro Version Keyboard!

Dynamic Keyboard - Pro v1.9.1 :

# Full customization

# Colors from.

# Multiple languages time.

# HD Fonts

# A way project so grow.

I really appreciate app!

Using machine learning technologies intelligence algorithms I able a database modify visibility depending upon letter. Trained languages, why ?

Current Languages :




English (CA)

English (UK)

English (US)








Portuguese (European)






Ask me if . I my best!

Rather than being obtrusive like predictive typing, t aids method accuracy without wasting screen space.

For Example : If the 'h' key, ,o,u,i keys exp commonly key would be followed letters. When they grow, they triggered, like z etc stay small needed.

Remember, get used keyboard. But shouldn't take long 'll be doing fine.

T doesn't take over , skills speed . 't even notice it's there after a while! obtrusive either, which also helps make snappy !

T keylogger! There data related permissions internet permissions app. T SAFE!

Currently does word predictions. Sorry I my best fix t add future.

Dynamic Keyboard - Pro v1.9.1 :


# Predictive Characters change size

# Smooth Animations

# Full Customization (Full Dynamic Keyboard - Pro v1.9.1 only, limited customization Dynamic Keyboard - Pro v1.9.1 )

# Many key shortcuts (eg shift-delete word, double tap space)

# Tablet Optimized

# Battery Optimized

# Safe

# Easy

# Intuitive

# Fast

# Google Voice Integrated! (selected devices only)

Installation :

1) Install .

2) Either open for 'Enable' , Dynamic Keyboard.

3) Enable . Don't worry isn't a keylogger, no internet permissions! be warned android OS but safe.

4) Set keyboard. Dynamic Keyboard!

5) Customize through own!

Feedback Welcome!

Please email me Dynamic Keyboard - Pro v1.9.1, I my best them! ;)

If like a language layout adding, just e-mail me! I my best help! :D

I really want t over time so suggestions!

Please Enjoy! :D

Thank you

Alastair Breeze


What's Dynamic Keyboard - Pro v1.9.1 : (Updated : Sep 26, 2013)

Some auto-correct bug fixes

Auto-correct newer api's.

New :

New Keyboard Layouts : Danish, Dvorak, Spanish


Little characters defined.

Auto-correct punctuation problem fixed

Swedish layout size bug fix

Numpad form chars. Eg : and -Rare app crash fixes.

Prediction System Update!



15 new languages!

16 old languages re-built!

(Non Latin languages still being worked on)






English (CA)

English (UK)

English (US)














Portuguese (Europe)

Portuguese (Brazil)


Serbian Latin





Swiss (German)Turkish

HD! Graphics using anti-aliasing techniques (PRO ) {turn off if lag}

Fixes Spl Bug (pro only)

Space Bar Bug Dynamic Keyboard - Pro v1.9.1

Other Bug Fixes




Download : Dynamic Keyboard - Pro v1.9.1 Instructions:

NQ Security & Antivirus

NQ Security & Antivirus

Requires Android: 2.1

NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus 7.0 award-winning mobile security app complete security protection 326 Million users around . international independent test agency approved certifications, NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus 7.0 offers superior antivirus capabilities, privacy protection -spam NQ Security & Antivirus, but also covers smartphone-time Internet, online shopping , social chat account protection, boosts speed world completely!

------------------ generation Mobile Security ! ----------------

----Innovative NQ Security & Antivirus

--New interface design

Latest design concepts, high-end, friendly .

--Powerful mobile optimization:

Mobile Speed Booster unnecessary processes so works optimal level.

--Comprehensive account protection, online shopping , social chat accounts.

Now social account protection, against all mobile threats.

--Optimized antivirus engine:

Deliver 30% accurate virus scan.

--Enhanced mobile acceleration:

Add garbage cleaning function, completely accelerate cell phone.

--QR Scanner:

Quickly detect malicious links hidden codes, eliminating opportunities fraud QR code.

----NQ Mobile Security 7.0 key NQ Security & Antivirus

--Antivirus & security protection--

-- Block viruses, malware, spyware , malicious apps .

--S installed app & check 's security status.

--Automatic virus database update (premium)

--Anti-eavesdropping protection (premium): s alarm if spyware phone.


--Protect yourself against unwanted calls & texts.

--Set phone out blacklisted number(s) who’s .

--Intercepted calls & texts easily viewed app.

--Choose get calls & texts from .

--Internet protection--

--Protect phishing, fraud, harmful sites safe web-surfing.

--Real-time app scanner insecure apps during downloading.

--Account protection (premium): real-time protection, online shopping, payment, social chat account security.

--Privacy protection--

--Monitor apps’ access private data like contacts, location, SMS messages & identity info without untrustworthy apps.

--System optimization--

--Ensure phone speed apps/killing tasks unwittingly background

--Speed device tapping widget desktop instead .

Follow NQ Mobile & Facebook instant updates & productivity news.

Tips: T may be incompatible following apps: Norton, Lookout, AVG, ALYac, Dr.Web, Antivirus Free, Trend Micro, McAfee, Kaspersky, F-secure.


download :