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Smash Spin Rage v1.0 Mod (Unlocked/Unlimited Money)

Smash Spin Rage v1.0 Mod (Unlocked/Unlimited Money)

: 2.2 +

: " weapon rage enemies use you."

SmashSpin Rage first epic trilogy brimming-old mysteries, adrenaline-fueled battles .

- Fierce super spin electric rage attacks

- Rich 3D graphics combined-stop action

- Upgradable Balls Skills

- 21 Boss Monsters

- 3 Unique Environments

- Localized, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Korean Chinese

You all . All flowing through rage. Events out control fate spinning. Now, fight through dead through limbo to right past set order back universe.


Smash Spin Rage v1.0 Mod (Unlocked/Unlimited Money):


Smash Spin Rage v1.0 Mod (Unlocked/Unlimited Money) Instructions:

Apk+data (Sdcard/Android/obb)


Smash Spin Rage v1.0 Mod (Unlocked/Unlimited Money):


City Island (Premium)™ v1.00

City Island (Premium)™ v1.00

: 2.3

: If Sim City tycoon games, definately love t building game!

In City Isl houses citizens, decorations and community buildings them happy, jobs so earn money from citizens. If games on Android™, building a virtual life Isl choice!

Discover a life virtual world full where to build a business empire choice + unique buildings, like hotels, cinema's, offices, bakeries, restaurants, oil platforms paradise island. Grow city in large metropolis. Catch some fish boats, make people happy parks, schools, churches, libraries, museums, plants, a nice ferris wheel. all City Island (Premium)™ v1.00 insight city tycoon game: happy people attract , who residences . all epic story: discover what best way a successful entrepreneur fabulous island!

★★★★★ Review A: Love it!!!!!

!!! t NOW!!!!!

★★★★★ Review M: Super addictive!

Can easily spend hours free business game, easy and than other city builder games. It’s really like running my own epic empire big island.

★★★★★ Review R: City Island

Be aware app addicting.

★★★★★ Review P: City Island

I loved Sim City building games, but I love t virtual City Isl more!

** City Island (Premium)™ v1.00 **

- Fun tycoon game

- HIGH QUALITY graphics

- Intuitive gameplay

- Challenge new virtual paradise

- Unlock from a list + Unique buildings (residential, commercial, community, decoration, plants, sea buildings like oil platforms )

- Currencies: gold

- Attract citizens, trees, buildings

- Build residences citizens

- Collect prof buildings

- Upgrade buildings

- City park theme

- Collect XP unlock new buildings

- Collect dozens while playing

- Exp tiny city paradise isl create for constructing , city bigger

- Speed/upgrade time using gold

- Lots

- Help

- Age independent story

- Find pirate chests around , containing cash

- Tons

- Sim style architecture

- Play friends: enter friend codes codes cash

- The "City Advisor" insight city

Join us, us, FREE giftcodes every week!!


City Island (Premium)™ v1.00:


City Island (Premium)™ v1.00 Instructions:


City Island (Premium)™ v1.00:


D&D Arena of War v1.0

D&D Arena v1.0

: 2.1

: Arena , free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons mobile, thrilling 3D battle role-playing takes place in Forgotten Realms.

The Sundering, event reshape heavens, between . be called upon champion on behalf against set before .

Battling alongside your trusted teammates, unlock great powers be upgraded and combined desire. But, beware , and deadly enemies within it.



• Quest through Forgotten Realms

• Battle using touch-based attacks

• Customize be upgraded

• Battle new archenemies every month rewards

• Invite war enemies


D&D Arena of War v1.0:


D&D Arena of War v1.0 Instructions:


D&D Arena of War v1.0:


Cool 3D Gallery Pro v1.006

Cool 3D Gallery Pro v1.006

Cool 3D Gallery Pro v1.006: Android O/S : 2.2+

Cool 3D Gallery Pro v1.006: T Cool 3D Gallery Pro v1.006 Cool 3D Gallery application!

This Pro Cool 3D Gallery Pro v1.006 Cool 3D Gallery application, thank considering purchasing it, get free application lowest possible price Google Play allows same time development app, so I Cool 3D Gallery Pro v1.006 based feedback.

application was originally free reason why many manufacturers include it Android devices, but. case I Cool 3D Gallery Pro v1.006 Mo phone would include a different Gallery, which too bad, but t cooler.

I looked application Android Market but 't available so I decided upload everyone (honestly, I can't take any cred t, built Cyanogen group devices).

The application all , and thing , if your Picasa account, also show directly gallery all your Picasa pictures totally transparent manner, upload pictures them phone. T really cool app manages well, letting Android manage access rights totally transparent manner.

also process pictures, crop images, assign detail location to pictures so they appear geo-positioned when uploaded like Picasa, other cool Cool 3D Gallery Pro v1.006 really nice .

I so much feedback requesting new enhancements decided demanded ones including:

- New Settings screen.

- Ability use Picasa.

- Sort options order, so you able all even though scrolling Share menu option possible. (Thanks who suggested this, a very good idea).

- Ability different folder.

- Direct link full File explorer, even get all organized.

- Hide Folders option, so show any folder consider 't need don't want easily seen.

- Ability trigger scanner. Do think that pictures need them Gallery? a standard Android behavior, called Scanner able t.

- Back control Player. Parents t when their kids videos.

I hope do. I a lot time t, easy task, so Pro Cool 3D Gallery Pro v1.006 application is much appreciated.

Also thanks Cyanogen group sensational piece .


Cool 3D Gallery Pro v1.006:


Download : Cool 3D Gallery Pro v1.006 Instructions:


MirrorCool 3D Gallery Pro v1.006:


RD4 - Groovebox v2.0.1

RD4 - Groovebox v2.0.1

RD4 - Groovebox v2.0.1: 2.1+ Screen resolution 800×480 (WVGA) MHz CPU supporting ARMv7

RD4 - Groovebox v2.0.1: Use phone musical instrument electronic music tracks!

Recreate electronic dance music RD3 HD – Groovebox two 303-style analog synthesizers, a drum machine plus reverb, distortion, phaser, filter audio effects!

Developed , RD3 HD - Groovebox pioneering audio app that lets you program grooves. T-touch enabled app makes unique loops them filters and effects go.

Appropriate both musicians .

Use live performances mode -inch tablets special rack view-inch tablets in portrait mode.

RD3 HD 2.3 (Gingerbread), 3.X (Honeycomb) 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Loops you've created Groovebox be automatically integrated in's audio mixer app SPC - Music Sketchpad.

RD4 - Groovebox v2.0.1 :

Channel mixer/sequencer:

Volume control meter

4 bars steps per instrument

3 play modes: Solo, loop

Channel mute

Two virtual analog synthesizers:

4 types synth

Reminiscent legendary 303 synthesizer

High-quality filter modes

Real-time step sequencer synth

Free assignable audio effects

Drum machine with:

10 drum kits: 808, 909, 606, CR-78, Linn, KR55, RX11, RZ1, DMX, DPM48

Channel mute

Punch control adjustments

Accent programmable drum channel

Free assignable effects drum sound

Real-time step sequencer

Audio effects:

Reverb, distortion, filter, phaser

Real-time controllable

X/Y control field effect

4 effect sends

Chaining effects

Technical RD4 - Groovebox v2.0.1:

Special rack view mode-inch tablets

Multi-touch control

Live session recording

Audio loop export feature

SoundCloud Sharing K

Session save capability

Cut/copy/paste pattern

OpenSL support


System RD4 - Groovebox v2.0.1:

- Android 2.3

- Screen resolution 800×480 (WVGA)

- 800 MHz CPU supporting ARMv7


RD4 - Groovebox v2.0.1:


Download : RD4 - Groovebox v2.0.1 Instructions:


MirrorRD4 - Groovebox v2.0.1:


XnRetro Pro v1.26

XnRetro Pro v1.26

XnRetro Pro v1.26: Android O/S : 2.2+

XnRetro Pro v1.26: , ad-free XnRetro Pro v1.26 free XnSketch app, frames!

With XnRetro, easily create stunning images effect.

XnRetro Pro v1.26 :

Different color effects

Different frame borders

Contrast, brightness adjustement



Share friends, Twitter, Facebook, Email, ...

What's XnRetro Pro v1.26 : (Updated : Jun 6, 2013)

Problem pho some device


XnRetro Pro v1.26:


Download : XnRetro Pro v1.26 Instructions:


MirrorXnRetro Pro v1.26: