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Color Zen v1.0 (Unlocked)

Color Zen v1.0 (Unlocked)

: 2.0.1+

: Color Zen new kind game.

One put headphones, relax, through world . There score. No penalties. Just a simple set , intuitive controls, puzzles. Get in flow Zen.

T a labor team Animal Games.


Color Zen v1.0 (Unlocked):

Color Zen v1.0 (Unlocked) Instructions:

Color Zen v1.0 (Unlocked):

Kick The Obama v1 Mod (Unlimited Money)

Kick v1 Mod (Unlimited Money)

: 2.2

: Presidents - state people!

If , but , face such a distinguished person reach , relax fun app. There cold weapon that president "", taste. If it's , but reason not like him, try him very unique way ... What? Find out for yourself!

Kick The Obama v1 Mod (Unlimited Money):

1) U.S. President Barack Obama lead role!

2) arsenal ;

3) Many different ways ;

4) damage, money weapons!


Kick The Obama v1 Mod (Unlimited Money):

Kick The Obama v1 Mod (Unlimited Money) Instructions:

Kick The Obama v1 Mod (Unlimited Money):

Angry Birds Star Wars v1.2.2 mod (Free Shopping)

Angry Birds Star Wars v1.2.2 mod (Free Shopping)

: 2.2

: May be!


A long time ago galaxy far, far away... a group rebel birds faced off against a galactic menace: ’s evil Pigtroopers!

Rebel birds, striking from a hidden base, their first victory against Imperial Pigs. During , Rebel spies managed secret plans Empire’s ultimate weapon, STAR, racing Rebel Birds. need !

Join adventure Angry Birds legendary Star Wars™ universe! Use , wield , away Pigtroopers intergalactic journey from depths Pig Star -- where you’ll face off against Darth Vader, Dark Lord Pigs! become a Jedi Master freedom galaxy?

Time ! May be!


Explore 80 levels locations like Tatooine Pig Star. dodge Imperial pigs, laser turrets, Tusken Raider pigs, dark side Force all three stars?


Use lightsabers, Blasters powers havoc Imperial Pigs!


Keep playing birds their skills!


unlock all -D2 -3PO bonus levels?


T beginning epic saga!


Stuck tricky level? Earn stars Falcon down . New goals, achievements !


The ultimate training ground Young Jedi, t-app purchase unlocks 40 Dagobah Challenge Levels Master Yoda! Master of lightsaber!

What's Angry Birds Star Wars v1.2.2 mod (Free Shopping):

some minor issues experience. Thanks, popping those pigs!


Angry Birds Star Wars v1.2.2 mod (Free Shopping):

Angry Birds Star Wars v1.2.2 mod (Free Shopping) Instructions:

Angry Birds Star Wars v1.2.2 mod (Free Shopping):

NodeBeat v1.3.8

NodeBeat v1.3.8

NodeBeat v1.3.8: Android 2.2+

NodeBeat v1.3.8: NodeBeat experimental node-based audio sequencer music application, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


Make inspiring music creations, visual music app ages. Whether you're 5, NodeBeat will make like a pro. Create music matter generate its own. Easily record your creations friends.

★ Audio NodeBeat v1.3.8

- 20 Musical Scales

- All 12 Musical Keys Signatures

- 7 Octave Range

- Background Keyboard/Piano

- Audio Waveform Adjustment (Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square)

- Creative Sound Sculpting (Echo, Attack, Decay, Release)

★ Rhythm NodeBeat v1.3.8

- Adjustable Tempo

★ Sharing/Exporting NodeBeat v1.3.8

- Record audio file

- Save/Load Creations

★ General NodeBeat v1.3.8

- Adjustable Node Physics (gravity, speed, proximity)

- Drum Generators

- Start/Stop Nodes tapping

- Sleep Timer asleep


Created Sandler Windle. Ported Muller.

NodeBeat , iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, .


★ Notes ★

★ ★ ★ If there's a problem, please contact us so help feedback[at] 't fix problems if 't know what they are. ★ ★ ★

- devices running Android 2.2, memory usage significantly bug fixed 2.3 and above. updating 2.3+ if possible this issue.

What's NodeBeat v1.3.8 :


• New settings button access menu options

• Multiple Recordings! recordings'd like

• Background Audio! In "Settings" there's no NodeBeat continue background


NodeBeat v1.3.8:

Download : NodeBeat v1.3.8 Instructions:

MirrorNodeBeat v1.3.8:

OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2)

OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2)

OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2): Android 2.2+

OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2): OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2) official YouTube app.


Keep YouTube channels ’s videos anywhere official YouTube app.

What's OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2) :

*Add new option "Default quality"

*Add new option "Default quality/4G"

*Add new option "Show all qualities" (Show all qualities in quality button what's work 's send report )

*Add new option "Theme" (Support OGDownload : OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2)er only.. YouTube supported asap)

Note: WebM OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2) cause Rotation lags & FLV


OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2):

Download : OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2) Instructions:

MirrorOG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2):

OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2) :

Pause/Resume option

Download : OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2) all available qualities

Download : OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2) one video same time

4 Formats available 3GB, FLV, MP4

Download : OG YouTube v4.5.17 Mod (V7beta2) videos directly

All qualities playable *140p~1080p*

Screen off playback (thanks to @theos0o)

GameKeyboard v4.2.0

GameKeyboard v4.2.0

GameKeyboard v4.2.0: Android 2.1+

GameKeyboard v4.2.0: Soft keyboard tailor-made games. Control keyboard/gampad-only games (e.g. Flash, Xperia Play or Onlive games), touch-only games keyboard/gamepad (e.g. Street Fighter IV HD).

GameKeyboard v4.2.0


1. virtual gamepad with:

- multi-touch (depends )

- 4/8-way d-pad, 12

- resizable buttons layout

- fully configurable buttons mappings

2. re-mapping physical keys

3. save key/button mappings

4. full qwerty keyboard

5. work

6. work controller through OS party tools like BluezIME

7. support user-defined macro autofire, combo keys sequence button hit

8. emulate Xperia Play Controller buttons

9. emulate Touchscreen action (need root)

10. emulate Analog Joystick (need root)

11. support USB Analog Stick (need root)

12. support Xperia Play Touchpad (need root)

13. support MOGA Controller (need root Universal Driver system mode)



This app add-on emulators. Various GameKeyboard v4.2.0 can work other apps but please test compatibility. For Motorola Bionic user, there ROM issue where many GameKeyboard v4.2.0 which designed keyboard.

For best compatibility using Bluetooth Controller when physical controller .



Depends, ROM app there different ways keyboard, e.g.:

- some apps-in option keyboard

- some devices support using long pressing [Menu] key keyboard

GameKeyboard also provide two methods cannot be used:

- switch Launcher, tap "call out keyboard after exit" button, then switch back

- turn on "Settings->[Vol. Up] Key Action" then use [Vol. Up]

What's GameKeyboard v4.2.0 :

4.2.0 ** Please REBOOT after update **

-[Experimental] remote control thr. An2An Keyboard, benefits include better compatibility mouse buttons, see homepage [Remote control from another device].

-[fix] improve Touchscreen Mode camera pan, especially

-[fix] resized d-pad bug

Other Recent Changes

-[new] Pan camera ("Use Mouse Input"), see homepage "Using".

right analog stick Combat 4 natively, check out MC4 Helper app


GameKeyboard v4.2.0:

Download : GameKeyboard v4.2.0 Instructions:

MirrorGameKeyboard v4.2.0: