Saturday, August 10, 2019

Car Parking Games Apk

Car Parking Games Apk  is a great jigsaw puzzle game. During peak hours there are too many parking lot cars. Your job is to unblock the red car and move it into traffic chaos. You can only move the cars and trucks to move them. There are many puzzle game from the very very difficult. You get a cup of gold, the silver and malachite for each puzzle. You can well challenge your a friend by high global rate system (OpenFeint).

Car Parking Games Apk New! Success and of global best new points are added.
Car Parking Games Apk Park features:
• 150 is different rate increasing the difficulty.
• limited amount undo and redo to move.
• sound effects are.
• Good graphically.
• the Global high score (use OpenFeint).
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