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: Varies

: Visually Stunning First Person Zombie Shooter Arcade !!!

* Supports extended effects 3 devices *


In 2012 modern civilization end. Global economics disrupted, money its value. People against politicians who were just lining their pockets – didn't spare any .

However, those who really ruled were prepared - . Suddenly billions died from a strange virus, while others turned in beasts one thought:


Only a few people planet, until they run out ... how them...”

Smash hordes zombies * Secure vital supplies * Save other survivors * Protect Haven * Explore * truth intense FPS action game!

¤ Get out device

- Stunning graphics lighting -process effects

- Full 3D characters unprecedented level

- High quality 3D audio lively music soundtrack

- Character animations recorded using high-end motion capture

- Intuitive controls

- Spectacular ragdoll effects (Tegra 3 only)

- Water simulation (Tegra 3 only)

¤ Enjoy slaughter different ways: blast 'em out weapons, blow them powerful explosives off their limbs them die slowly

- Shoot away their heads, chop off their limbs... kill them

- Evolving zombie AI

- Follow unlimited random missions

¤ Load !

- Equip yourself high-poly realistic weapons

- Utilise powerful gadgets including a laser amputator, blade chopper, baits, mines, grenades, radar

¤ New online service from MADFINGER Games

- Receive free updates missions, weapons, gadgets, characters

Version 1.8.2

Bug Fixes:

* fixed issue player's progress devices

Version 1.8.0

New DEAD TRIGGER v1.8.2:

* Reworked Tutorial

* DEAD TRIGGER v1.8.2 User Interface Menu


* Optimized first missions friendly

* DEAD TRIGGER v1.8.2 HUD information

Bug Fixes:

* Various bug fixes

* DEAD TRIGGER v1.8.2 general stability

* Supports latest Unity 3D engine


DEAD TRIGGER v1.8.2 Instructions:

No Gravity v1.9.0

No Gravity v1.9.0

: Android 2.2

: brave enough No Gravity?

Are enough No Gravity? You’ll need steady nerves strong heart around dangerous obstacles, face hostile environments deadly weapons and protect . Hurry, download t devices No Gravity v1.9.0 PSP favorite,

before it’s too late.

"No Gravity iOS port PSP space combat game. Full impressive visual appeal, No Gravity really rocks taste for full-featured arcade titles. Also, missions of content, ’t really argue abnormal pricing model."



Highest quality Android....developer updates....


by StarGateWorld Inc

Best space shooter.


by Jivemaster

In a distant future, spread across thousands , is under attack from a mysterious, unknown sickness affecting people’s minds. So far, you’ve been able healthy but ’t know much longer.

As one few survivors bewildering plague, it’s seek out t. If ’t, there remains no hope for people. prepared 31 missions and destroy foe?

T job.

No Gravity -paced . You’ll need deepest level bravado dangerous missions.

When you’re ready, choose

customizable ships. impressive array , so you’ll job. Whether lasers blasters, everything against enemy.

Once ship, you’ll fly through space, skimming over

six different worlds, moving along underground craters massive asteroids fields. No Gravity v1.9.0 it’s before you’ve accomplished .

You’re out there, though. Allied ships will

accompany space stations, help enemy bases mine fields. mysteries surrounding space unfold, be prepared way. be unstoppable .

It’s not all hard work. Along , you’ll . There explosions, , 2 difficulty modes take missions first or third person views.

Did well mission? Great, now reap . Go ahead your Achievements section new ship paint, artwork or something else .

Have a some No Gravity v1.9.0 when No Gravity:

• Incredible, fast-paced, non-stop action,

• T devices No Gravity v1.9.0 PSP favorite,

• Full frame rate,

• Massive explosions ,

• Play person view

• Select from 5 characters space ships,

• available different colors,

• Choose from 6 different, awesome weapons,

• 31 mission levels ,

• 2 difficulty modes ,

• Reward system

• High definition, 3D engine optimized Android devices® Tegra™ , PowerVR®, Adreno® .

• Ultra detailed rendering mode, including bloom post process.

• Multitouch control,

• Support, Xperia PLAY, Zeemote ZS1,

Are here? Hurry download No Gravity now! destiny awa.

See t here: devices.

Gameplay footage:

<embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">

Note: There issue phones. Please switch in System Settings. fixed next update.

What's No Gravity v1.9.0:

In t:

* Google Play Games enabled . , tap pad icon main menu,

* enhanced.

* No Gravity v1.9.0 third-party HID devices assignment.


No Gravity v1.9.0:

No Gravity v1.9.0 Instructions:

Apk+data (Sdcard/Android/obb)

No Gravity v1.9.0:

GBikes v1.15

GBikes v1.15

: Android 2.0.1

: Beautiful adrenaline racing hi-end graphics gameplay.

Futuristic adrenaline racing game...

GBikes v1.15:

- beautiful graphics

- various soundtracks

- 18 races

- 6 worlds

- Inside races

- Easy control

- Possibility graphics acording mobile device

- Multiplayer (Beta)

What's GBikes v1.15: (Updated : May 19, 2013)

added support resolutions


GBikes v1.15 Instructions:

GBikes v1.15:

Notebooks Pro v3.8

Notebooks Pro v3.8

Notebooks Pro v3.8: Android 2.0+

Notebooks Pro v3.8: Take notes attach h, everything without papers!

Create multiple notebooks subject messing notes.

Notebooks ever need making needs.

Designed , taking notes simplest application. colors title for cover, enjoy creating a notebook for every subject .

Notebooks must, business men anyone using their phones notes.

Notebooks Pro v3.8 :

1. Create multiple notebooks.

2. Customizable cover, title, number style notebook.

3. Password protected.

4. Set a title page.

5. Instant search within.

6. Attach image files.

7. Bookmark a page.

8. Create free h.

9. Easily find .

10. Custom fonts notebooks.

11. Set theme notebook.

12. Export book page PDF. (Currently supports English only)

13.Apply text styles such, Italics -Highlights.

How ?

1. Use '+' mark home screen new books.

2. Long tap book /delete .

3. Use 'Password' option Menu /reset .

4. Page tap Header page.

5. Tap shelf header .

6. Make use editing options provided bottom page.

How font styles, such, italics?

1. Double tap word page, controls.

2. Adjust range styles.

3. Tap anywhere page controls.

What's Notebooks Pro v3.8 :

Version 3.8

Minor bug fixes

Version 3.6

* Apply text-styles: Bold, Italics text. (Double tap word page -style controls)

* Share content.


Notebooks Pro v3.8:

Notebooks Pro v3.8:

Download : Notebooks Pro v3.8 Instructions:

MirrorNotebooks Pro v3.8:

Photo Painter v1.7

Pho v1.7

Pho v1.7: 2.2

Pho v1.7: T offers relatively novel functionality which sets from many other Photo Painter v1.7. - androidtapp

Aspiring painters t them visualize their next magnum opus. - androidauthority


Pho interactive pho tool. Photo Painter v1.7 contains

★ 9 fantastic painting styles — realism, impressionism, expressionism, .

★ 15 cool image filters

★ 4 different frames

★ 4 special textures

★ A intuitive way all these elements

★ A powerful finger draw function

★ Addictive finger control

★ No advertisement ever

★ Continuous development come


This app’s primary use a creative pho tool. easy to use . T amazing photos build filters . Additionally, this app , allowing them different painting effects scene-time.


-real time painting process

-easy fingure control

- texture details

-complete interactive user guide

-designed finger screen

-freedom everything

-au buttons

-zoom out photo

-direct access from gallery

-easy share networks

-large draw area advertisement

-small just 1.5MB

-install card


The user image from gallery a picture main page. On first use, there a complete tutorial buttons and animated gestures . User the Pho from gallery using share button directly. Images saved SD card easily option menu.


open so don't hesitate us-mail if something .

What's Photo Painter v1.7 : (Updated : May 18, 2013)

Add text collage

Adjust brush size rendering options


Photo Painter v1.7:

Photo Painter v1.7:

Download : Photo Painter v1.7 Instructions:

MirrorPhoto Painter v1.7:

Screenshot Ultimate Pro v2.6.1

Screenshot Ultimate Pro v2.6.1

Screenshot Ultimate Pro v2.6.1: 1.6+

Screenshot Ultimate Pro v2.6.1: a snapshot easily Android device (no root required: read how). Take screenshots tablet, phone or other Android device without ads!

Share, draw, add text screenshot send/ed screenshots!

Why Ultimate Pro screen capture app? Well, it has Screenshot Ultimate Pro v2.6.1 over 10 different capture methods. If t can’t take a screenshot no other screenshot app will!

We support rooted -rooted devices; however, if a non-rooted phone run a small app computer to enable screen shooting functionality. Read information.

Since there too many Screenshot Ultimate Pro v2.6.1, few mentioned below.

Trigger methods:

- Overlay icon which screens (icon, button icon)

- Shake

- Service icon click

- Audio

- Power connect/disconnect

- Folder listener

- Webserver

- Camera hardware button

- Long click search hardware button

- Custom shortcut

- Widget button

- Button inside

For every trigger separately set: what after taking, vibrate, sound, toast, timeout, show countdown !

Screenshot Ultimate Pro v2.6.1 :

- View all taken screenshots multiple, create zip, ed more!

- Automatically apply "Screenshot Adjustments" taken screenshot (switch colors, rotate, mirror, add text, crop, overlay image)

- Multiple capture methods (over 10) au option so select option

- Set default save folder

- Set image format

- Set optional custom shutter sound

- Trigger media scan

- View / Send log

- More!


What do “Folder listener” trigger?

If -in screenshot capability set to listen folder. image in that folder Screenshot Ultimate Pro trigger (for editing, saving to folder, etc). also use another screenshot app, like Screenshot UX It, Screenshot Ultimate Pro to handle .

No “Capture Method” device!

This if isn't rooted. It's how the Android security model works; doesn't allow taking a screenshot devices. However, enable screenshot functionality on a computer. how do t to “Screenshot Ultimate Pro” > “Settings” > “Capture methods” > “No root help”. email so complete (Windows, Linux).

How to...

Just contact us ’ll try you. Just remember, if you post ’t respond you, so please contact us.

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Follow us:

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What permissions for?

- INTERNET: , ImageShack, TwitPic, Tumblr

- RECORD_AUDIO: audio trigger (blow microphone a screenshot)

- SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: overlay icon (click take a screenshot)



- VIBRATE: a screenshot was taken

- WAKE_LOCK: optionally set awake when app

- CHECK_LICENSE: check whether

What's Screenshot Ultimate Pro v2.6.1 : (Updated : May 16, 2013)

4 new capture methods!

Set quality screenshot when image format

Set password login Ultimate Pro

New trigger 'Intent' Tasker!

New trigger 'Interval'!

New trigger 'Cronjob'!

New effects (grayscale, sepia, black , gray tint, infrared, invert, posterize, solarize)

Lots fixes!


Screenshot Ultimate Pro v2.6.1:

Screenshot Ultimate Pro v2.6.1:

Download : Screenshot Ultimate Pro v2.6.1 Instructions:

MirrorScreenshot Ultimate Pro v2.6.1: