Thursday, July 4, 2013

Speed Freakz v1.0

Speed Freakz v1.0

: Android 2.2+

: Speed through 5 unique environments: Countryside, Island, City, Canyon, Savana

BET race $H PRIZE.

Increase amount able a CA$H PRIZE.

Select 2 POWER UPS race from POWER UPS available against .

UPGRADE from 3 upgrades available: MAX SPEED, HANDLING

BUY from a list UNIQUE MODELS, 3 PAINT JOBS different RIMS!




Speed Freakz v1.0:

Speed Freakz v1.0 Instructions:

Speed Freakz v1.0:

Way of the Dogg v1.0

Way Dogg v1.0

: 2.3+

: There street weapon's !

Listen up, student: everyone heartbeat. it’s , others, less… Clear. All those rhythms, they overlap but city doesn’t matter Jones. America cares Way of the Dogg v1.0 two things... fight. He was fighter city; everyone knew then one night, everything changed.

Hell bent, America comes Temple Dogg. Finding means finding , Sierra peace troubled city… here. Train, pick a side, take : Dogg.

Way Dogg brutal, rhythm-action combat adventure, set Dogg’s music. fresh fight against a different character new location defined Snoop Dogg track., fight through 14 levels, superbly choreographed beat-matched fight, set 's music, including 'Who am I?', 'Gz ' and '10 Lil Crips' but a few. Go head- rhythm battles Snoop's lead Temple Tutorials. Train, pick a side, take : Dogg.


Way of the Dogg v1.0 Instructions:


Reckless Racing 2 v1.0.4

Reckless Racing 2 v1.0.4

: Android 1.5+

: Prepare ride life... Reckless Racing ! Strap down ride life... Reckless Racing !

Including a selection highly detailed cars, ranging from small dirt buggies supercars, routes variety make t racer tastes - both dirt .

Compete Career mode money cars upgrades. quick race Arcade mode pre-defined challenges. Compete against leaderboards Event mode - including Race, Hot Lap events.

Tune garage style vast selection . Whether a reckless power slider slick race driver, make it.

* Probably power slides world

* Tune , handling, tires, rims cars

* Shader based maps, reflections, specularity, shadows, particles

* Reckless Racing 2 v1.0.4 shaders 2 4S

* Online leaderboards ghost cars

* Online multiplayer over

* 17 characters, including from Reckless Racing 1

* 5 control layouts button positions

* Optional assists, such lines, mini map, chase camera

What's Reckless Racing 2 v1.0.4: (Updated : Jul 4, 2013)

Stability improvements

Billing / in-app purchase bug fixes



Reckless Racing 2 v1.0.4 Instructions:

SD Data(Android/obb):

SCR Screen Recorder Pro ★ root v0.6-beta

SCR Screen Recorder Pro ★ root v0.6-beta

SCR Screen Recorder Pro ★ root v0.6-beta: Android 4.0.3+

SCR Screen Recorder Pro ★ root v0.6-beta: Record great quality screencasts directly from !

** Root only **

Record great quality screencasts directly from !

SCR Screen Recorder uses hardware accelerated video encoding best quality screen recording device. It's video recorder market supporting Tegra device including Nexus 7.

This early BETA preview SCR Screen Recorder Pro ★ root v0.6-beta so devices and ROMs. Before consider testing a free SCR Screen Recorder Pro ★ root v0.6-beta device supported. If any issues please report me get supported.

SCR Screen Recorder uses Google Analytics track SCR Screen Recorder Pro ★ root v0.6-beta how users use .

What's new SCR Screen Recorder Pro ★ root v0.6-beta :

Version 0.6-beta

- various recorder settings

- inverted colors fix (activate)

- improved stability


SCR Screen Recorder Pro ★ root v0.6-beta:

Download : SCR Screen Recorder Pro ★ root v0.6-beta Instructions:

MirrorSCR Screen Recorder Pro ★ root v0.6-beta:

Battery HD Pro v1.28

Battery HD Pro v1.28

Battery HD Pro v1.28: Android 2.1+

Battery HD Pro v1.28: Instantly know long use.

This perfect battery monitor phone. simple, beautiful be calibrated specially device.

Instantly know how many hours left for:

- Listening

- Watching video

- Talking phone

- Internet Browsing ( WiFi / Edge / 3G / 4G )

- Standby

- Time left

- Time LED Flashlight

- 2D Games

- Reading books

- GPS navigation

- Video chat

- Taking photos

- Recording videos

If a new device, please run calibration tests community t even !

Try ! It's simply .

What's Battery HD Pro v1.28 : (Updated : Jul 4, 2013)

NEW: Export statisics -mail-Card

Redesigned settings screen

NEW Optional 3G test (+ long duration tests)

NEW Graph shows charging colors (AC / USB)

Over 1.2 MILLION hours tests been shared ! Yes that's device running years non-stop.


Battery HD Pro v1.28:

Download : Battery HD Pro v1.28 Instructions:

MirrorBattery HD Pro v1.28:

LockerPro Lockscreen v4.0

LockerPro Lockscreen v4.0

LockerPro Lockscreen v4.0: 4.0

LockerPro Lockscreen v4.0: A simple lock screen Android device.

« LockerPro Lockscreen Puts App Notifications Right Lock Screen », Lifehacker (December 2012)

« LockerPro nicest Android lock screen replacement I've come across », PhoneDog (December 2012)

« LockerPro Lockscreen great app notifications really elegantly », Redmond Pie (December 2012)

Try lock screen !

LockerPro allows check without unlocking .

LockerPro monitors notifications coming from any app device, them lock screen. easily swipe them away by swiping them left, by swiping right.

When LockerPro provides banner notifications in screen even when running fullscreen apps so don't miss them.

LockerPro also provides a shortcut panel playback control. Simply swipe right to access panel, and left music playback control.

Contact picture, custom ringtone, quick reply, direct callback calls, various clock styles, other LockerPro Lockscreen v4.0 are available.

What's LockerPro Lockscreen v4.0 : (Updated : Jun 5, 2013)

Updated clocks alarm

notification be displayed (also works notifications)

Added waking proximity

Added percentage

Widget panel panels settings set anymore. check them advanced settings.

Bug fixes


LockerPro Lockscreen v4.0:

Download : LockerPro Lockscreen v4.0 Instructions:

MirrorLockerPro Lockscreen v4.0: