Thursday, April 18, 2013

Play at Home with Daniel v1.2

Play v1.2

: 2.2+

: Meet Daniel Tiger, PBS’ newest neighbor. Playing explore bedtime time pretend doctor’s house.

With t children chance Play at Home with Daniel v1.2 some ’s everyday experiences – experiences be a lot like theirs. they play, young children learning a little b Play at Home with Daniel v1.2 their place world.

You’ll be learning too – Play at Home with Daniel v1.2 - when , listen together.


Play Doctor Daniel instruments use. When children play Play at Home with Daniel v1.2 being , they’re. make when they be .


Help Daniel get ready - children thinking Play at Home with Daniel v1.2 their own bedtime routines things them.

In Daniel’s Bathroom

Wash, brush Play at Home with Daniel v1.2 bathroom routines.

Sticker Book

Children fun making own stories play ’s house .


Bedtime, Bathroom were originally designed Games KIDS.

Tiger App was developed Kid Fred Rogers Company.


Play at Home with Daniel v1.2 Instructions:

Grand Theft Auto III v1.4

Gr Au v1.4

: Android O/S : 2.2+

: crime epic open-world games forever !

Rockstar Games celebrates anniversary most influential games time. acclaimed blockbuster Gr Au comes devices, bringing underworld City. massive open world, a wild cast from every walk freedom , Gr Au puts , intriguing world fingertips.

With stellar voice acting, a darkly comic storyline, a stunning soundtrack open-world gameplay, Gr Au defined world genre generation.

Grand Theft Auto III v1.4:

Visually stunning updated graphics, character models

HD quality resolution

Gameplay optimized screen devices

Custom controls mobile platform

Countless hours

Gamepad Support USB controllers

Integrated Haptic Vibration Feedback

Tailor experience video display settings

Languages Supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish .

What's Grand Theft Auto III v1.4: (Updated : Apr 18, 2013)

Added support Lifetab Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime

Integrated Haptic Vibration Feedback

Tailor experience video display settings

Grand Theft Auto III v1.4 controls gamepads

Grand Theft Auto III v1.4 controls Play

Game be installed SD card

Gamestop Wireless fully supported.

Additional technical fixes


Grand Theft Auto III v1.4 Instructions: Grand Theft Auto III v1.4d by : chathu_ac

Grand Theft Auto III v1.4:

Instructions :

- Install APK

- Copy 'com.rockstar.gta3' folder to 'sdcard/Android/obb'

- Launch

Bladeslinger v1.4.0

Bladeslinger v1.4.0

: 2.3

: Selected's Choice iOS App Store, featured 4/4 "Must Have", BLADESLINGER Ep. 1 full-length series.

A visually stunning, fast paced 3D action brawler developed exclusively-end mobile devices, BLADESLINGER follows Glaston returns hometown evil.

Featured Users' Top Ten Most Anticipated Upcoming Games, identified best games year, Bladeslinger here!


Rated 4/4 'Must Have' - "Bladeslinger best new iOS games year, due polished combination , exploration, ."

“What Luma Arcade . another step forward.” -- Joachim Ante, C Unity Technologies

“Luma Arcade seems crafted a very compelling world awesome flesh with. Oh, looks freaking amazing.” -- 148Apps

“, slick action rivals many modern console games…” -- Develop Magazine

“'s graphics stunning, -based control provide a ton flexibility, wide range moves keep extremely fresh.” -- iMore



Bladeslinger introduces graphics Bladeslinger v1.4.0 never seen before devices. Multiple mind-blowing 3D environments , dynamic lighting detail spared. games approach console quality, Bladeslinger pushes further than ever before.


Glaston, a native ’s Peak returning home from war peaceful town deserted creatures he’s never seen before. Follow William’s quest salvation ’s Peak.


Bladeslinger takes full advantage flexibility options screen devices. Quick shooting, spl dodging, combo attacks, monster punching special moves -- all achieved, intuitive touch gesture controls.


Multiple highly detailed environments challenges hours , non-repetitive gameplay.


Bladeslinger Android devices+ RAM, additional graphics optimizations Tegra devices.


personally here , in improvements.

Developed Arcade Games.


Dynamic Storm Effects system: rain, lens drops, puddles, lightning positional thunder.



TWITTER: @kerosenegames




What's Bladeslinger v1.4.0 : (Updated : Apr 18, 2013)

New gunblades store

Localization, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean,


Various bugfixes


Bladeslinger v1.4.0:

(apk+obb)3 parts


Instructions :

Install APK

Copy 'com.kerosenegames.bsep1' folder to 'sdcard/Android/obb'


Sliding Messaging Pro v5.60

Sliding Messaging Pro v5.60

Sliding Messaging Pro v5.60: 4.0+

Sliding Messaging Pro v5.60: Easily manage text messages new format compliant Android design guidelines based stock messaging app from Google, Sliding Messaging Pro v5.60.

Sliding Messaging Pro v5.60 :

- Easily switch between conversations out menu left side screen.

- Start a new conversation out right side screen

- Manage old messages single click

- Choose between light themes

- Emoji support (Only if supports them, many do phones)

- Adjust text size notifications though settings

- Quick reply popup

- Multi-window support Note

- Light Flow support ( active once Light Flow updated)

Please note: now, t just a basic messaging app great layout Sliding Messaging Pro v5.60. Currently, MMS supported, but be added future along feature requests, please sound off comments like Sliding Messaging Pro v5.60 s!

If having problems receiving notifications, need 3rd party messengers such SMS.

When using t, do messaging app use it save messages phone. however, disable notifications so don't receive 2 .

What's Sliding Messaging Pro v5.60 :

- Option download MMS

- Reworkd MMS notification system

- Reworked card layout dark theme

- Option card layout page

- Option only "simple" cards (without drop shadows) - may help increase performance

- Bug fixes


Sliding Messaging Pro v5.60:

Download : Sliding Messaging Pro v5.60 Instructions:

MirrorSliding Messaging Pro v5.60:

Lightning Browser + 2.4

Lightning Browser + 2.4

Lightning Browser + 2.4: 2.2+

Lightning Browser + 2.4: Browser Paid

Powerful Web Browser Size

Lightning Browser + 2.4 Lightning Browser + 2.4 doesn't have

Unlimited Tabs

Unlimited Bookmarks


Lightning Browser + 2.4 :

Holo Interface

Supports Froyo

Tabbed Internet Browsing

Supports Adobe Flash Player

Fast Start Times

Small Footprint

Fast Browsing

Smooth Scrolling

Higher Benchmarks than Chrome (tested Nexus 7)

Enjoy Lightning Browser, one smallest browsers around. a high-performance small-sized browser built who don't want slowness . Currently best tablet, but be optimized sized screens soon. I t often (I am a student...). T my most major app release 'm proud work, so if ANY problems, PLEASE contact me. I always respond, contacted before know... 'm nice :)


Long-press a tab it

Long-press button

What's Lightning Browser + 2.4 :

NOTE: I am rewriting browser so there be any time (hopefully a little less than a month).


- Lightning Browser + 2.4 weird rendering bug

- Reloading tabs longer uses data if help it


- Lightning Browser + 2.4 5 tab limit (thanks out , Patrick), very sorry, late was tired when I published . Email me if anything else wrong :)




Download : Lightning Browser + 2.4 Instructions: Released by : chathu_ac

MirrorLightning Browser + 2.4:

Travel Organizer PRO v3.0.1

Trip Organizer PRO v3.0.1

Travel Organizer PRO v3.0.1: Android v2.2+

Travel Organizer PRO v3.0.1: No through reservation. No directions hotel. No Travel Organizer PRO v3.0.1 what time dinner starts., everything you’re going again —on ,

No through reservation. No directions hotel. No Travel Organizer PRO v3.0.1 what time dinner starts., everything you’re going again —on ,

Simply forward all hotel, airline, car rental, reservations ’ll do . Trip organizes all travel plans place so access them anytime, anywhere—in (even when ’t Internet connection.) Just h. back.

Want a few notes, links,? Just click Add Plans away. Need ? Consider . master itinerary , plus maps, directions , so keep calm on.


• Keep all travel plans spot organized itineraries destination—ideal travelers. f000h

• Access trip details whenever them—on ,

• Forward travel confirmation emails to worry Travel Organizer PRO v3.0.1 losing them again. (If Gmail, automatically.)

• Easily add plans manually right from

• Share plans so they know when you’re headed.

• Get daily weather forecasts, directions destination.

• Use map-based search restaurants, businesses , then add them trip itinerary click.

• Sync all plans calendar.

• Post get travel advice from network.

• Upgrade Pro for $49/year everything plus on-the-go flight alerts, status updates while you’re traveling. Check out

(Enabled) Trip members:

Download : Travel Organizer PRO v3.0.1 t app all without .


“…tips flying efficiency misery - #1. Use ” – New York Times

"T travel app I " - Fast Company

“Trip travel itineraries” – Inc. Magazine

Recent changes:

* Small bug fix.


Less description »

Note: all pro Travel Organizer PRO v3.0.1 available. no payout needed.



Download : Travel Organizer PRO v3.0.1 Instructions:

MirrorTravel Organizer PRO v3.0.1: