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F-Sim Space Shuttle v2.2.063

F-Sim Space Shuttle v2.2.063

: 2.3+

: A highly realistic simulation space shuttle approach !

With F-Sim Space Shuttle, a number one flight simulator finally arrives. shuttle’s approach detail . Take comm during minutes , safely John F. Kennedy Space Center Air Force Base.

After , watch a replay flight from different perspectives, like a chase plane . A sophisticated landing analys , pilots a “perfect landing” score.

F-Sim Space Shuttle v2.2.063 out!

’s approach times steeper compared commercial airliner’s approach. Also, because during descent glider, chance .

manual (HUD) approach phases. After some practice first successful touchdown, try crosswind landings.

Striking realism

Flight dynamics, , navigation, (GNC) systems, HUD accurately great detail.

Follow symbol HUD heading alignment cone (HAC) runway centerline, follow reference symbol maneuver. Don’t forget visual landing aids like approach path indicators (PAPI) ball/bar light system outer glideslopes, respectively.

Let control rudder, speed brake, gear, , them yourself. If , simulate system failures like a stuck speed brake/guidance malfunctions.

A wide range

Take commander’s seat stunning virtual cockpit, from different external camera perspectives. Choose between accelerometer (tilt) controls or (virtual) analog sticks . L both shuttle landing facilities, either final approaches one four possible HACs. Configure day landings, clear skies, visibility, wind, other parameters.


take some practice, but safe, good, landings achievements. A total medals top astronauts, two secret, hidden achievements. Once you’ve become space shuttle commander, compare online leaderboards best pilots world.

A number one title

F-Sim Space Shuttle rave reviews from flight simulation enthusiasts across ranked among simulations iOS App Store.

T F-Sim Space Shuttle v2.2.063 2.0 iOS app, F-Sim Space Shuttle v2.2.063 added from F-Sim Space Shuttle v2.2.063s 2.2 .4. add updates.

We’ve tested t extensively large number devices. If run in, please let us know ’ll do our best them.

What's F-Sim Space Shuttle v2.2.063:

A lot , including:

• Chute

• Wingtip vortices

• New camera perspectives

• Switch between camara perspectives

• Display score

We’ve tested t extensively large number . If run in, please let us know ’ll do our best them.



F-Sim Space Shuttle v2.2.063 Instructions:F-Sim Space Shuttle v2.2.063d


F-Sim Space Shuttle v2.2.063:


F-Sim Space Shuttle v2.2.063:

Chundos + turbo v1.0.2

Chundos + turbo v1.0.2

: Android O/S : 2.3.3+

: Race unique characters one ! But remember, be very careful mode because cruel, they everything .

Experience car engine optimized greatest race characters.

Chundos + turbo v1.0.2:

3 (Single Race, Cup Race)

6 Funny Characters & 6 Unique Cars (each car characteristics)

6 Unique Tracks 3D Environments

3 Drive Modes (Accelerometer, Touch & Joystick)

3 Different Weapons Mode (Bazooka, Grenade & Machine Gun + Shield Protector)

Amazing 3D effects effects




Chundos + turbo v1.0.2 Instructions: Chundos + turbo v1.0.2d by : chathu_ac

Chundos + turbo v1.0.2:

Manga Watcher v0.6.12

Manga Watcher v0.6.12: Varies

Manga Watcher v0.6.12: Manga Reader

Read manga phone. read online later. open from sdcard (png, jpg, zip). Share . Read manga from, . Read , French, Russian, Spanish, German .

Have multitouch finger zoom!

What's Manga Watcher v0.6.12 :

- Main featere is "MangaWatcher Sync"! T easeast way libraries chapters between devices. Watch demo on;

- added new manga site MangaStream;

- add Disqus mangas. I'll moderate all comments;

- add indicator "NEW" new manga Library;

- add link mangas;

- fix bug many chapters;

- fix bug chapters;

- fix bug, AnimeA, MangaTube;

- reindex all manga sites;

- bug fix;


Download : Manga Watcher v0.6.12

MirrorManga Watcher v0.6.12

Wifi Signal Booster v1.1

Wifi Signal Booster v1.1

Wifi Signal Booster v1.1: Android 2.2

Wifi Signal Booster v1.1:Try application, Wifi Signal Booster, make -fi signal stronger-30%! All press until network signal . Speed internet application, improve , 4G, signal.

Disclaimer: T a prank app! Actually speed remain , but fool them network signal increased through t.

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T affiliated endorsed. All authors hold over their works. All images trademarks respective authors.

No personal information be stolen from our apps.


our apps completely free ads which users don't like while Wifi Signal Booster v1.1. 100% free, receive –

Search shortcut icon home screen (see image below).

Search shortcut bookmarks.

T help keep t 100% free us bring cool apps like t .

delete shortcuts easily (Drag & Drop garbage), t .


Download : Wifi Signal Booster v1.1 Instructions:


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Free TV Online v1.14

Free TV Online v1.14

Free TV Online v1.14: Android 2.2

Free TV Online v1.14:Watch Live TV phone.

Access a list from different countries being added periodically!

includes channels from:

- France

- Italy

- Spain

- Portugal

- Colombia

- Venezuela

- Domini

- Mexico

- Argentina


- Russia

- Bolivia

If one channels added, request them via email.

shows once a channel. There push ads anywhere app.


Download : Free TV Online v1.14 Instructions:


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