Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dead on Arrival 2 v0.1 BETA

Dead 2 v0.1

: 4.0+

: u think you’ve got what a zombie apocalypse than our beta!

Beta May 2013. unleashed need them.

Do what ? Tear though wave after wave walking dead built death-dealing weapons, like spitting Minigun room clearing Rocket Launcher. Paint red fight life industrial playground filled traps enemies. Take level 4 shadows, ultra-realistic blood splatter lighting -processing effects. world never looked so good.

Gameplay Dead on Arrival 2 v0.1 BETA

Intense survival action designed specifically.

Fight alone 3 friends 4 player cooperative multiplayer mode.

A huge armory weapons ranging from pistol nightmarishly unsafe Ripsaw.

An endless swarm undead desperate flesh.

Game-changing special infected zombies like Thumper, down unwary players.

Explore, defend massive steel mill filled industrial traps.

Find box awesome weapons.

Eye-shattering 3D action advanced effects, from gory explosions -hot molten steel.

Equip from a wide range style, help when instant powerups.

Regular updates means there be something new out.

Technical Dead on Arrival 2 v0.1 BETA

Dynamic physics:

Character ragdolls

Rigidbody-driven props

Cloth simulation

Advanced shaders:

Transparent refraction (heat distortion)

Flowing liquid using flow maps

Per-pixel reflective mapped environments

Lighting / Shading:

Various dynamic lighting effects

Pseudo-dynamic character lighting using baked-in light probes

Directional lightmaps

Real-time shadows

Motion captured animation

Post-processing effects

Audio reverb


Dead on Arrival 2 v0.1 BETA: tested 3

Bridge Constructor Playground v1.2 Build 102184

Bridge Constructor Playground v1.2 Build 102184

: Android O/S : 2.2+

: Bridge Constructor Playground offers people ages topic of “bridge building”!

T gives freedom side run riot – nothing . Across 30 innovative levels bridges over deep valleys, canals. Following t bridges subjected stress test whether they cars and/or trucks which drive across them.

In comparison #1 h Constructor, Bridge Constructor Playground offers easier entry . tutorial, a free-build mode level offering five challenges instead two. Tackle without constraints build level. If isl a certain number be earned levels. belong categories different challenges: safety badges dem stay below a certain maximum stress amount, whereas material badges require certain materials. All, offers 160 challenges (on four islands)! All paired bright in exciting, challenging educational experience whole family, offering hours fun.

What's Bridge Constructor Playground v1.2 Build 102184:

- fixed issues Pen

- fixed: Isl Level 3 crash

- fixed freeze when closing (Google Nexus 4)

- improved controls when building

- improved loading times

- improved battery lifetime

- improved performance when building large bridges

- fixed missing texts devices

- fixed problem devices

- music on/off saved correctly


Bridge Constructor Playground v1.2 Build 102184:

Homerun Battle 3D v1.8.3

Homerun Battle 3D v1.8.3

: Android OS 1.6 +

: Go ONLINE-to-head match SLUGGERS world!

★Com2uS does personal information other reason than updates/events regarding gameplay.★

H arena!

*** Over 10 MILLION players than 300 MILLION match-up games!

*** Best Apps Awards Winner

*** Nominated's Best Game

Are batter up?

Real-time Online Matchup Homerun Battle 3D!!

Play ONLINE MATCHUP & go Head-to-Head against millions Battle sluggers around .

- 4 Extra Modes : Online Match up, Arcade, Training,

- Over 100 Items : Uniforms, hats, equipment customizable Homerun Battle 3D v1.8.3

- Exclusive Baseball Wear : Includes DeMarini CF4, Voodoo M2M bat equipment.

- T supports English

### Com2uS Hub Connection Notice ###

- data be saved when hub Battle.

- Enjoy a Homerun Battle different kinds same ID, all data personal hub account.

- GUEST PLAY allows play a a Com2uS hub account. be transmitted server once hub account. (Homerun Battle play data previous account cannot be transmitted.)




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Other fun games, too!

What's Homerun Battle 3D v1.8.3 : (Updated : Nov 6, 2012)

Play environment improved

Homerun Battle 3D v1.8.3 other minor Homerun Battle 3D v1.8.3


Homerun Battle 3D v1.8.3:

Root Lucky Patcher v3.0.9

Lucky Patcher v3.0.9

Root Lucky Patcher v3.0.9: Android 2.1+, Rooted devices

Root Lucky Patcher v3.0.9: use t some apps' Android Market License Verification Verifications.


~New method Ads(disable Ads Activity);

~New method Ads(rework hosts file) added;

~New option "Fast Start" added;

~Bugs fixed;

All credits



Download : Root Lucky Patcher v3.0.9 Instructions:

MirrorRoot Lucky Patcher v3.0.9s:

Yandex Shell 3D v2.19 English

Yandex Shell 3D v2.19 English

Yandex Shell 3D v2.19 English: Android 2.2+

Yandex Shell 3D v2.19 English: intuitive interface using

Android devices a breeze.

takes a second

screens, while the

interface automatically sorts and

Yandex Shell 3D v2.19 English. Simply use carousel

between screens.

place all frequently used

Yandex Shell 3D v2.19 English same screen up-to-date

with all local news, weather .

-in app search tool

find phone.



Download : Yandex Shell 3D v2.19 English APK :

Netflix v2.1.2 Mod

Netflix v2.1.2

Netflix v2.1.2 Mod: Android 2.2+

Netflix v2.1.2 Mod: Supports Android 2.2-4.x USA, Canada, Latin America, UK .

Netflix world’s leading subscription service TV episodes phone. T mobile application delivers experience anywhere, anytime.


Get app part Netflix membership watch thousands episodes & movies phone.

If Netflix member sign Netflix enjoying immediately phone one-month free trial.

How does Netflix work?

•Netflix membership gives TV shows low monthly price.

•With app instantly watch TV episodes & movies want, want, anytime .

• Browse a growing selection , episodes added regularly.

•Search immediately phone expanding list devices.

•Rate shows us what so Netflix suggest titles.

•Start watching device, watching. Check out ,, tablets, phones, Blu-ray players top boxes watch Netflix.

What's Netflix v2.1.2 Mod :

A br player added Netflix v2.1.2 Mod great movies shows.

• Large volume button

• Easy scrubbing screen stills

• Added support v4.2

Netflix v2.1.2 Mod stability bug fixes

Mod Info :

[Netflix V2.1.2] Netflix Rotation Enabled

App - Black /Subtitle Size Fix


Download : Netflix v2.1.2 Mod Instructions:

Mod Netflix v2.1.2 Mod :

Orginal Netflix v2.1.2 Mod :