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C.H.A.O.S 5.1.1 Apk Download

Kategori: Arcade & Aksiyon

Güncel Versiyon: 5.1.1

Gereksinimler Android: 2.3 ve üstü

Açıklama=> Oyunda gerçek para ile silah alabiliyorsunuz.Online desteği mevcut.


Egyptian Dreams 4 Slots v9.89

Egyptian Dreams 4 Slots v9.89

: Android 1.6

: Enjoy Egypt Dreams 4 Slots - phantastic Pharaoh Feature Cash Pyramid jackpot won!

3, 4 scattered pyramids during normal play Feature - where games, multiplier wildcards!

pyramid jackpot whenever 3 Eyes appear. Win Cash Pyramid !

Feature plays automatically end Pharaoh Feature - 5 free games. During spins a special 3 high Queen reels. substitutes symbols except scattered pyramids.

At free games Bonus round begins. Cleopatra 9 falcons - choose one a very special bonus!

T entertainment purposes only. No real money won.

simulation real slot machines. Real slot machines lose.

be aged 18 (or 21 areas) .

Pokie Magic supports responsible gambling parental supervision.

What's Egyptian Dreams 4 Slots v9.89:

-> Egyptian Dreams 4 Slots v9.89 device support.

-> Sounds corrected.

-> Slightly higher feature frequency.




Egyptian Dreams 4 Slots v9.89 Instructions:

Egyptian Dreams 4 Slots v9.89:

Noise FM Radio - Pro v5.0.1

Bitrate: 128 kBits

Freq: 44.1 kHz

Genre: Dubstep, Drum

Official site:

Group vkontakte:

Noise FM Radio - Pro v5.0.1 :

Scrobbling .fm


Download : Noise FM Radio - Pro v5.0.1ing (saves /Noise FM)


Buffer size

No ads

What's Noise FM Radio - Pro v5.0.1 : (Updated : Feb 22, 2013)

Dubstep Online Radio was renamed FM available at

Required Android O/S : 2.1+



Real Colors Pro v1.1.6

Generate color schemes color themes from images. designers, artists makers get color inspiration from real life, capture real color palettes from images advanced algorithms extract colors.

uses popular color theory generation modes like monocromatic, triad, shades, analogus, complementary, spl color theme next project. It's like using color snap tool life.

Real Colors Pro v1.1.6 :

Automatically extract harmonious color schemes from images using a wide range theory generation modes: complementary, monochromatic, analogous, shades, triad, tetrad complementary *New*

Generate beautiful wallpapers from color schemes *New*

Automatically generate spectrum over image

Colors easily edited

Find out detailed information Real Colors Pro v1.1.6 including HEX, RGB values

Save color schemes Library reference

Color schemes exported, including color spectrum information, values, RGB .

Share color schemes friends

What's Real Colors Pro v1.1.6 : (Updated : Feb 28, 2013)

New food palette contest coming up. Check out

Required Android O/S : 2.1+



AutoKiller Memory Optimizer PRO v8.3

AutoKiller Memory Optimizer a regular task manager, winner minfree tweaker, tunes android systems inner memory manager fast over time. side effect lowers battery consumption. Also includes a manual process/service manager.

ROOT REQUIRED minfree values, unrooted devices feature

if questions face errors please check home page a mail

for see home page

Pro AutoKiller Memory Optimizer PRO v8.3 :

no ads

Chuck Norr enabled

apply kernel tweaks

alternate preset (while screen )

all AutoKiller Memory Optimizer PRO v8.3

quick restart

memory reclaim

Please be careful, apps similar name, they malicious.

What's AutoKiller Memory Optimizer PRO v8.3 : (Updated : Feb 28, 2013)

new DashClock extension

updated Chuck Norr! (way )

faster application load

updated root libraries

better pro key handling

updated translations / fixed Japanese

processes shortcut bug fixed

Required Android O/S : 1.6+



Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shooting club 2: Gold v3.2.24

Shooting club 2: Gold v3.2.24

: 2.0

: second part 'Shooting club' feel like a real sniper!

Target, weapon, shot ... do feel adrenaline blood? There sense , once life, dreamed a professional shooter sniper rifle. Here such!

T shooting connection. Here shot accuracy importance, but also specific characteristics , distance target, wind direction, heartbeat.

What's Shooting club 2: Gold v3.2.24: (Updated : Feb 24, 2013)

minor Shooting club 2: Gold v3.2.24 fixed



Shooting club 2: Gold v3.2.24 Instructions: Shooting club 2: Gold v3.2.24d

Shooting club 2: Gold v3.2.24:

Robo5 v1.0.0

Robo5 v1.0.0

: 2.0.1

: Robo5 3D action puzzle gives tiny robot climbing a fearsome mountain strange decaying future world. Play Android device!

Enjoy hours -bending fun help Robo #5 escape from cold lab where our mechanical hero begins . Marvel steampunk charm guide Robo journey discovery -solving!

Every push, pull counts

Each level consists stacked piles . help Robo climb these boxes next level. You’ll need , pull boxes . level completed uncover hints Robo5 v1.0.0 's history, identity, . Do very well, might discover something new!

It's a simple premise, complicated level design, but also inclusion boxes climb, which aren't always what they seem. Some , others under 's feet. maneuver strategically past boxes explode Robo. T picnic!

Watch out! If Robo runs out power before he reaches , it's all over.

Robo5 v1.0.0

- Steampunk influenced visual style

- Creative level design music!

- Mind-bending puzzle gameplay

- 5 Chapters levels

- 8 hidden bonus levels (diaries)

- Two different endings

robot reviewers gush!

• " likely go down year's best action-puzzle titles." 4.5/5 - GameZebo

• "Robo5 interesting puzzler which but a lot ." - iBirdy

• "T a grade A puzzle should delight fans well worth a purchase." - App Spy

• "Robo5 takes players in gritty steampunk inspired world interesting take puzzle genre." - 148apps

• "Familiar But Charming Action Puzzles" - Touch Arcade

• "Robo5 gets a perfect score out , along VERY strong recommendation from Shack genre." - Shack



Robo5 v1.0.0 Instructions:

Robo5 v1.0.0:

Lacrosse Dodge v1.62

Lacrosse Dodge v1.62

: 1.5

: Lacrosse Dodge first high-quality, 3D lacrosse mobile video game!

Featuring precision tilt gameplay capture lacrosse animations, Lacrosse Dodge most entertaining lacrosse app market.

In Lacrosse Dodge, need through defenders obstacles rack make it. Score bonus points bursts, sniping goals coins.

Grab stick anything path ! See where rank worldwide leaderboards!



Lacrosse Dodge v1.62 Instructions: Lacrosse Dodge v1.62d

Lacrosse Dodge v1.62:

tTorrent Pro - Simply the best v1.1.1.1

tTorrent Pro - Simply v1.1.1.1: 2.1

tTorrent Pro - Simply v1.1.1.1: tTorrent bittorrent client based devices.

tTorrent Pro - Simply the best v1.1.1.1 :


- download single files from torrents files

- multiple torrent downloading, queuing

- search

- Wifi, Wifi mode

- able Upload/Download : tTorrent Pro - Simply the best v1.1.1.1 speed

- web browser integration

- magnet link support

- trackerless torrent (DHT) support

- RSS support(automatically download torrents published)

- UPnP -PMP support

- IP filtering support

- proxy support(SOCKS, HTTP)

- encryption

- Local Peer Discovery

- creating torrents

What's tTorrent Pro - Simply the best v1.1.1.1 :

v1.1.1.1: tTorrent Pro - Simply the best v1.1.1.1 FC when starting app devices.

tTorrent Pro - Simply the best v1.1.1.1 several FCs.

tTorrent Pro - Simply the best v1.1.1.1 wrong action bar layout devices.

Encryption enabled installs.

Handle feed encodings, regex support.

Move support.


Download : tTorrent Pro - Simply the best v1.1.1.1:

Shazam Encore v3.14.0-JB78058

Shazam Encore v3.13.2-JB78058

Shazam Encore v3.14.0-JB78058: Android v2.1+

Shazam Encore v3.14.0-JB78058: NEW! In-App Music Previews: Instantly listen ’d. We’ve also given our Tag Result screen a facelift, making , share discoveries.

Faster tagging., explore , TV shows little second.

With unlimited tagging use Encore want, what , faster.


○ Save again (30 sec previews)

○ Launch a music station

○ Get recommended tracks based music

○ See streaming lyrics music

○ Buy tracks easily MP3

○ View extra content watch TV

○ Watch music videos & concerts from YouTube

○ Listen tagged music

○ Share & Twitter

○ Discover new music Friends & Charts

○ See when

○ Use ’t signal

○ When prompt, tag content

○ Tag from screen Shazam Widget

○ Remember where a track

“T thing EVER!” Hoda Kotb ’s Today Show

Upgrade Encore banner ads Shazam Encore v3.14.0-JB78058 like recommendations.


* Previews available: US,UK,DE, FR, CH, AT

* Lyrics available: US, CA, UK, FR, IT, DE, ES, AU, NZ.

* Spotify available:UK, US, FR, ES, NL, SE, NO, FI.

* Shazam supports devices connection

Tags: ID song, search music, recognize song, song identification, what’s, track lyrics, tag radio, tag tv, tag television, TV Ad, Android Beam

What's Shazam Encore v3.14.0-JB78058 :

Now Google+ profile. Share them Google+ circles.


Download : Shazam Encore v3.14.0-JB78058:

Nova Launcher Prime v2.0.1 Final

Highly customizable, performance driven, home screen replacement 4.0+

Nova Launcher Prime unlocks Nova Launcher Prime v2.0.1 Final Launcher:

Drawer Groups:

Folders Drawer

Unlimited custom tabs

Organize apps in app drawer


Quickly start Nova Actions from gestures desktop, such, swiping-finger swiping.

Hide Apps

Keep a clutter free drawer never used apps.

Dock Swipes

Get out dock apps swipe-actions

Unread Counts

Never miss. Unread count badges, Missed calls . Counts show dock, desktop, drawer .


What's Nova Launcher Prime v2.0.1 Final :

Just fixes

Fix blank widget previews

Improve icon theme handling

Improve accessibility

Fix swipe actions

Reduce memory usage

Improve animations

Misc fixes

Improve gesture detection


No Nova Launcher Prime Key needed.

If came Launcher you'll remove installing this.


Download : Nova Launcher Prime v2.0.1 Final:

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Future Ops Online Premium v1.0.94

Future Ops Online Premium v1.0.94

: 2.2

: A Multiplayer First Person Shooter. 44 Player COOP, TDM !

Premium Supporters a few days peek access new Work Future Ops Online Premium v1.0.94 thank .

COOP Survival MMO Mode available , however its under heavy reconstruction right now, many Future Ops Online Premium v1.0.94 had disabled them devices, including picking, buildings must be simplified.

Premium Supporters receive early access MMO Mode which , except kill other players them drop their gun, currency. T be built during January.

A Multiplayer First Person Shooter Players Survival MMO, Team Deathmatch .

Air Vehicles allow play Mobile FPS games like never before, t aims battlefield,!

Please always update , if there side changes, then a new server Future Ops Online Premium v1.0.94 newest Future Ops Online Premium v1.0.94 game, which like there servers online.

What's Future Ops Online Premium v1.0.94 : (Updated : Feb 23, 2013)

Future Ops Online Premium v1.0.94 Space install error.

Removed Reporting Abilities.

Added Volume controls, Sound & Music.

Added Push next Jump button.

Join other player's Voice Servers from their profiles.

Dedicated Voice Chat Servers available.



Future Ops Online Premium v1.0.94 Instructions: Future Ops Online Premium v1.0.94d

Future Ops Online Premium v1.0.94:

Tropical Fish Shop 2 (Full) v1.0.14

Tropical Fish Shop 2 (Full) v1.0.14

: 1.5

: Help Annabel organize their pet shop colorful sea creatures Fish Shop 2!

After finding treasure, Annabelle their pet store in new spacious building. Help them get down bigger store exciting Match 3 game!

☆☆☆☆☆ Tropical Fish Shop 2 (Full) v1.0.14 ☆☆☆☆☆

✓ Exciting gameplay

✓ Colorful characters

✓ Earn spectacular treasure!

✓ Organize pet shop!

☆☆☆ Discover Big Fish Games! ☆☆☆

Big Fish leading global marketplace casual games. enjoy our virtually endless selection anytime, anywhere — PC, Mac, mobile phone,. Learn!

many other great Google Play games available. Just type in 'Big Fish Games' fun !

Follow us:

Become a fan:

Play Fish games big screen TV. Visit information!



Tropical Fish Shop 2 (Full) v1.0.14 Instructions: Tropical Fish Shop 2 (Full) v1.0.14d

Tropical Fish Shop 2 (Full) v1.0.14:

Pocket RPG v1.21

Pocket RPG v1.21

: 2.2

: Enter a world overrun . Explore trap-filled dungeons mighty bosses. Collect piles equipment. Test against darkness.

Pocket RPG Xperia Play Edition!

Nominated's "Best mobile 2011 ranked top five!

Enter a world overrun . Explore trap-filled dungeons mighty bosses. Collect piles equipment. Test against darkness.

Pocket RPG dual-stick action dungeon-crawler. choose from three distinct classes, their own combat style.


A duel wielding melee specialist. He survives swathes mighty strikes. He special moves which skillful players able their foes.


A deadly archer who waves , seek . Perforate walls death.


A powerful, but fragile, nuker who controls , ethereal, ice groups . Charge spells levels maximum destruction.

Each quest RPG new adventure. starts zero empty sachel items builds their strength proportions. Pocket RPG a "my numbers beat " game. Items matter way them .

Optimized Play



Pocket RPG v1.21 Instructions: Pocket RPG v1.21d

Pocket RPG v1.21:

Easy Touch(Android style) v2.4.1g

★★★ Why i can't uninstall t ???

so sad because a lot star't uninstalling EasyTouch :(

Can't uninstall because Android OS, deactivate 'Lock Screen' before .

uninstall Setting (Not system setting) following step:

Settings -> Location & Security -> Select Device Administrators -> Cancel t.

Than try again, thanks.

so sorry, any question, email to:

★ What Touch?

Easy Touch Widget!

Easy Touch button which looks like AssistiveTouch, 's All Free!

phone screen(floats app), move any where.

★ What Easy Touch ?

Easy Touch provides a very convenient way to:

★ Quick settings(Change settings like turn, change screen brightness on).

★ Open app.

★ Go Screen.

★ Back button(need Root support).

★ Menu button(need Root support).

★ Lock Screen(sorry problems s3 4.0.+ Android OS).

★ App list.

★ Open recent task(double press).

★ Task manager(Kill task,need Root support)

★ Memory optimize(Ram optimize)

★ Time display

★ Clean cache

★ Switch include:

- Brightness

- Ringer mode

- Bluetooth

- WiFi


- APN(Mobile Data)

- Au

- Flashlight

- Air-plane mode

- Volume

★ Easy Touch themes

Also cahnge Touch theme.



Expense Manager v1.8.0

Expense manager application :

• Tracking expenses , month categories

• Multiple accounts currencies

• Schedule payments

• Take a picture

• Payment alerts

• Budget, week, month

• Search

• Import account activities software

• Dropbox Card backup

• Customize expense categories, payer/payer, payment methods, date format, white background, button style etc

• Account transfer

• Au

• Convenient tools such calculator, currency converter, tip calculator, sales calculator card calculator

• Charts

• Widgets

Internet Access currency exchange rate.

Camera permission picture .

All data phone Dropbox account. Nobody but access .

Thanks help from:

Emilio Blanco translation.

Christian Glass Gruber translation.

Michel Graciano, Gustavo de Freitas Leite Gomes translation

Cerra translation



Mathlab Graphing Calculator v2.0.51

Graphing calculator. Polynomials, polynomial equation solving, matrices, fractions, derivatives, polar graphs, roots, extremes, intersections, complex numbers. Shows results type. Use menu between modes.


Only need basics? Try our new Fraction Calculator, internet required.

Help site :

Vis news ask questions:


* arithmetic expressions +,-,*,/,÷

* square root, cube roots (hold root key)

* exponent, logarithms (ln, log)

* trigonometric functions sin π/2, cos 30°, ...

* hyperbolic functions sinh, cosh, tanh, ... (hold "e" key )

* inverse functions (hold direct function key)

* complex numbers, all functions support complex arguments

* derivatives sin x' = cos x, ... (hold x^n key)


* simple fractions 1/2 + 1/3 = 5/6

* mixed numbers, use space values 3 1/2


* linear equations x+1=2 -> x=1

* quadratic equations x^2-1=0 -> x=-1,1

* approximate roots polynomials

* systems equations, write one equation per line, x1+x2=1, x1-x2=2

* polynomial long division

* polynomial expansion


* multiple functions

* implic 2nd degree (ellipse 2x^2+3y^2=1, etc.)

* polar graphs (r=cos2θ)

* function roots points graph, tap legend off (top left corner), hold a list

* graph intersections (x^2=x+1)

* tracing function values

* scrollable graphs

* fullscreen grapps orientation

* function tables

* save graphs

* save tables


* matrix operations

* dot product (hold *), cross product

* determinant, inverse, norm, transpose, trace


* user defined constants (PRO)

* save/load expressions



Friday, February 22, 2013

Puzzle Retreat v1.5

Puzzle Retreat v1.5

: 2.1

: Escape Puzzle Retreat yourself unique block-sliding puzzle smash-h Conductor series.

"I guarantee love t." --

"So smart well-made, why wasn't a billion years ago?" --

"A new type game — one refreshingly zen." --

" I started playing I was enchanted" --

"Puzzle Retreat everyone." --

Shut off world. Relax, unwind new type both simple deep. Puzzle Retreat fresh challenge losing track Puzzle Retreat v1.5 world.


• Slide blocks all grid

• Use all

comes from working out order ramps blocks including Fire Blocks, Stop Blocks Blocks, which alter blocks.

• No time limits, no stress, just

• Stuck puzzle – just move next back later

• 50 puzzles

• Additional puzzles purchased inside .

• Connect puzzle lovers - discuss puzzles directly in-game

• Beautifully designed


For feedback enquiries email

Follow us


Like us, hints discuss fans

For , vis website



Puzzle Retreat v1.5 Instructions:

Puzzle Retreat v1.5:

Slender Man! Chapter 1: Alone v2.9

Slender Man! Chapter 1: Alone v2.9

: 2.0.1

: Slenderman! new 3D survival horror upon legend!

Experience called " all time".

Slenderman! br 3D survival horror upon (slender man) legend. See how long survive before Slender Man gets you, you!

find all pages before Slenderman gets you?

Thanks feedback. promptly Slender Man! Chapter 1: Alone v2.9.


Samsung Galaxy Y user issues. Some older ARM6 phones may able correctly. Sorry.

What's Slender Man! Chapter 1: Alone v2.9: (Updated : Feb 22, 2013)

Slender Man! Chapter 1: Alone v2.9 bug where could fall through on "" level.



Slender Man! Chapter 1: Alone v2.9 Instructions: Slender Man! Chapter 1: Alone v2.9d

Slender Man! Chapter 1: Alone v2.9:

Protoxide: Death Race v1.1.4

Protoxide: Death Race v1.1.4

: 2.2

: warming, abnormal weather, increasing number all over , cocktails , tsunam blowing nuclear power-stations Protoxide: Death Race v1.1.4 incoming apocalypse? «Protoxide: Death Race» offers Protoxide: Death Race v1.1.4 “world after 2012”.

Abandoned cities under gang's control, law, violence basic survival principle without rules main method . «Protoxide: Death Race» Protoxide: Death Race v1.1.4 ultra-speed driving, battle super-cars like machines from Hollywood fantastic blockbusters industrial tracks.

Various modes of «Protoxide: Death Race» give chance yourself high-speed competition, a battle world, completing a single campaign mode. multiplayer mode all -wars all over violent massacre.

Game Protoxide: Death Race v1.1.4:

★ 4 single player modes

★ Alljoyn P2P multiplayer

★ 12 battle war-gliders characteristics

★ campaign exciting story

★ 16 outstanding tracks

★ 4 unique types locations

★ high-quality 3D graphics






games from Herocraft:

▶ Bang Story

▶ Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim

▶ Musaic Box

▶ Bombergeddon

▶ Scrubs

▶ Romance

▶ Art 2

▶ Yumsters!

▶ Treasures 2

▶ Dragon & Dracula

▶ KiKORiKi

▶ Birds Wire

▶ Farm Frenzy Free

▶ Ant Raid

▶ Catch



Protoxide: Death Race v1.1.4 Instructions: Protoxide: Death Race v1.1.4d

Protoxide: Death Race v1.1.4:

Sidebar Pro v2.01

Populate favorite apps, swipe screen instant access apps most. Simple - yet elegant.

Fast, fluid, animations within Sidebar quick, yet help a dash presence.

A simple Add button appended end sidebar summons a menu listing all installed system. Simply pick, added sidebar access.

, simply select outside

, simply swipe sidebar! Alternatively, long pressing options such .



Adjusting & opacity bar

Adjusting scheme & position

Enabling/Disabling animations

Adjusting sensitivity

Enabling/Disabling vibration

Sidebar Pro

Sidebar Pro lifts put lite Sidebar Pro v2.01 and opens access customizability - elevating sidebar, most impeccable state.

What's Sidebar Pro v2.01 : (Updated : Feb 22, 2013)

Drop shadow added.

Speed improvements made.

Widgets added working! Wifi-Bluetooth-Brightness-GPS-autorotate-Torch!

Support flash

Sound widget

Required Android O/S : 2.1+