Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hope: Other side of adventure v1.11

Hope: Other side v1.11

: Android 2.3+

: Games adventure. That's why incarnate a brave prince who must go through a great journey full , fights, puzzles passages a helpless princess locked enemy's hightest tower. It's looks like fun, doesn't it? But how Hope: Other side of adventure v1.11 living adventure from another point ? How Hope: Other side of adventure v1.11 being ?

Hope leave anyone indifferent. Starting concept itself, be experience than a videogame, bringing a whole new perspective over motif hero rescuing . first time ever, see universe through archetypical frail princess, incarnating her during adventure. Loneliness, fear, boredom, anxiety… Prince make it? Did he perish underwater level? How many lives does he?

In Hope ’s actions character’s confinement. There much damp tower you’re trapped walking, sighing . , . Nothing do story, although find a way Hope: Other side of adventure v1.11 ’s journey. also be able out Hope: Other side of adventure v1.11 ’ background, tale nobody ever cares Hope: Other side of adventure v1.11. course, there , although from t … it?

Hope: Other side of adventure v1.11 APK:

Diamond Crush Saga v1.0

Diamond Crush Saga v1.0

: Android 2.2+

: Diamond Crush Saga crushing diamond amazing powers graphics different modes.

Diamond Crush Saga v1.0 game:

- Amazing environment Crush game

- Beautiful Diamond crushing animation

- Four different modes

- Four different powers Diamond Crush Saga v1.0

a] Connectors

b] Thunder

c] Bomb

d] Color Bomb

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Amazing Powers

Connectors - help connect either vertical Diamonds colour.

Bomb - clear 25 Diamonds board animation. If two bomb nearer other then fun.

Thunder - crush entire vertical column row tap thunder animation.

Colour bomb - randomly one Diamond all Diamonds same colour.

All powers randomly from above, also helps complete level very quickly beautiful animation.

Diamond Crush Saga v1.0 APK:

[The new Jetpack joyride] Save The Earth - Alien Shooter

Hey guys!

We're Gloobus Studio, a Indie studio (just 2 people) Kill time ago, just released our new Save - Alien Shooter

download google play Save"]

Here some screenshots [The new Jetpack joyride] Save The Earth - Alien Shooter , believe enjoy it!

zombies their last planet 're searching ones .

Luckily, our super hero our precious Earth against them.

A retro 2D sci-fi shooter than 30 incredible weapons , like teleportation utilities, lighting bolts, super beams, missiles !

Endless Armageddon take 4 different parts world where be forced monsters excitedly terrifying battle !

☆ Destroy thousands alien monsters from a galaxy invasion cute super hero.

☆ Use special weapons from outer space. Hours shooting non-stop side-scrolling defense game.

☆ ones who love retro 2d arcade games weapons systems, 'Save ' combines strategy in mayhem scrolling game.

☆ Combat like superhero would, science fiction weapons such beams, lightning bolts, holes weapons such missiles, rockets, fire more!

☆ From of ☢Kill ☢ castle/tower defense game, than 450.000 downloads around!

Kaiten Mail v2.006

Kaiten Mail v2.006

Kaiten Mail v2.006: 2.1

Kaiten Mail v2.006: Kaiten Mail gorgeous powerful email client.

★★★ Kaiten Mail v2.006 ★★★

• Supports multiple IMAP, POP3, Exchange 2003/2007 (via WebDAV) accounts

• Push mail using IMAP IDLE

• Rich text editing

• Unified Inbox

• Display contact pictures

• Threaded message view

• Split-screen view

• Email signatures


• Rich notifications (mark, reply, directly from notifications)

• Encrypt messages using standard (when APG )

• Settings import/export

• Keyboard shortcuts

• Lots options

Please note currently does Exchange ActiveSync.

★★★ Use Kaiten ★★★

If Kaiten out (or just use ) try out -supported Kaiten Mail v2.006 here: ... dsupported

★★★ Support ★★★

If you're having trouble, drop us a line 'll do everything . We'd love how you'd like Kaiten . Join us at

★★★ Kaiten's origin ★★★

Kaiten popular open source app K-9 Mail built-9's lead developers Jesse . Kaiten an awesome email client, support source Kaiten Mail v2.006 because almost all new Kaiten Mail v2.006 -9 Mail.

play-9. Kaiten Japanese word rotation a lot like K10-10.

What's Kaiten Mail v2.006 :


Kaiten Mail v2.006 a crash Android 2.x devices


Kaiten Mail v2.006:

Download : Kaiten Mail v2.006 Instructions:

MirrorKaiten Mail v2.006:

Windows8 / Windows 8 +Launcher v1.5.1

Windows8 / Windows 8 +Launcher v1.5.1

Windows8 / Windows 8 +Launcher v1.5.1: Android 2.3+

Windows8 / Windows 8 +Launcher v1.5.1: Windows8+ launcher application which tries Windows8 mobile like experience android device!

Key Windows8 / Windows 8 +Launcher v1.5.1:

1)Live tiles, news, weather, twitter, calendar , etc configuration options

2)Drag tile groups -order/change .

3)Change icon/tile icon size using Menu >> Icon Size

4)Select country using Menu >> Prefs >> News Country stock market using Menu >> Prefs >> Stock Market

5)Power Control widget /off Wifi, Airplan mode, Bluetooth, ring mode, screen brightness, etc.

6)Click/tile up (launch) app, (This application most common Windows8 / Windows 8 +Launcher v1.5.1 like dialer, messsage, google play, etc) if clicking first time application then list installed apps opened any app wish tile.

7) Long Click/tile , icon, application associated . Following 3 options\n * Associate App - Change app while keeping icon screen.\n * Change Color - Change background color .\n * Change App - Change app replaced default icon on home screen.

8)Additional icons/tiles style which customized . Add/remove tiles from Menu >> Tiles

9)Weather Service : Based current location, local weather details.

10)Stock Market updates : Select Stock Market using Menu >> Misc >> Stock Market

What's Windows8 / Windows 8 +Launcher v1.5.1 :

New.5.1 :

-Enable/disable live tiles from Prefs page

-Minor defect fixes


Windows8 / Windows 8 +Launcher v1.5.1:

Download : Windows8 / Windows 8 +Launcher v1.5.1 Instructions:

MirrorWindows8 / Windows 8 +Launcher v1.5.1: