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Tentacle Wars v2.0.4

Tentacle Wars v2.0.4

: 1.5

: Fascinating Singleplayer Strategy Game

Intense Audiovisual Experience

Based popular Flash 25 Million Fans

• 80 Missions Exceptional Campaign Mode

A contaminated alien organism ... Take a deep, while its final defense program. Enter a microscopic world , neurons tentacles. Take control last antibody cells species from extinction.

• Make Possible

cure enemy cells. this, draw a line between green antibody enemy cells. T launch DNA tentacles which drain energy from enemy cell cores overtake them. Keep energy supply . Capture all enemy cells a zone. Cure all zones life form …

• Furious Enemy

Beware intelligent awake enemy which fights back without ever giving up. You’ll need focused of “Tentacle War” host.

✓ All New

✓ Easy Into, Hard Down

✓ Retina Display Support

✓ Microscopic World

✓ Suspenseful Atmosphere

✓ 80 Single Player Missions

✓ Original Soundtrack

✓ Optional Random Level Generator



Tentacle Wars v2.0.4 Instructions:




EThe DRM: Death Ray Manta v1.0.

E: Death Ray Manta v1.0.

: 2.1+

: Death Ray Manta ARENA SHOOTER where stuff make pretty colours spir Minter, Jarv Fearon.

th Ray Manta ARCADE GAME. Two sticks screen full beams.

Death Ray Manta acclaimed PC/Mac name. Edge Magazine [8] -star Eurogamer Expo 2012.

Death Ray Manta received a 4 out from 148apps.com 4 out from DigitalSpy.com.

Death Ray Manta does . There guff, no IAP, no upgrades, just a videogame. Tap . Score higher.

Death Ray Manta blowing. All .

Death Ray Manta .


EThe DRM: Death Ray Manta v1.0.:


EThe DRM: Death Ray Manta v1.0. Instructions:


EThe DRM: Death Ray Manta v1.0.:


Official Speedway GP 2013 v1.1.1

Official Speedway GP 2013 v1.1.1

: 2.3+

: got what FIM Speedway Gr champion?

FIM Speedway GP 2013 upon predecessor, packing -fuelled thrills realism, putting heart action. See spray across , hear crowd you’re really there most exhilarating motorcycle .

FIM Speedway GP 2013 bigger than ever 3D graphics , improved controls opponents. Race across 16 real-world tracks against skills world’s best Speedway riders most daring, dangerous motorcycle racing Play.


Console-quality graphics, amazing sound physics mixed real tracks makes t close’ll get real thing.


Feel speed thanks new Helmet Cam first person view action. Other camera views also available.


Double during a live Speedway GP race.


Tap virtual buttons hurtles round .


Upgrade using store options a better start. Use replay how


Start off mode advance mode ultimate challenge.

What's Official Speedway GP 2013 v1.1.1: (Updated : Apr 26, 2013)

double points feature corrected

new names added

false kevlar changed



Official Speedway GP 2013 v1.1.1 Instructions: released by : chathu_ac





InstaPlace Pro v1.1.3

InstaPlace Pro v1.1.3

InstaPlace Pro v1.1.3: Android O/S : 2.2+

InstaPlace Pro v1.1.3: Photos without any description!

Add something special through !

Sharing options : ★ Facebook ★ Twitter ★ Instagram ★ Foursquare

If meals special “delicious” skin.

Do immediately a virtual postcard from some beauty place – use “greetings from…”

Maybe which ? InstaPlace skin!

InstaPlace a swiss army knife edges occasion. how it!

Instaplace location overlay App.

share a photos desciptions from the place where now – favourite pho just snapped iPhone.

By one finger move decide pho.

Ready photo, customized, easily posted Instagram, Facebook!

What's InstaPlace Pro v1.1.3 : (Updated : Apr 29, 2013)

redesigned crop functionality

fixed possible crash bug when entering custom location



InstaPlace Pro v1.1.3:


Download : InstaPlace Pro v1.1.3 Instructions:


MirrorInstaPlace Pro v1.1.3:


Bass Booster Pro v2.0.2

Bass Booster Pro v2.0.2

Bass Booster Pro v2.0.2: 2.3

Bass Booster Pro v2.0.2: Most issues itself likely ' interfaces like Sense, app!

Bass Booster Pro v2.0.2 Booster include :

- Unlimited custom presets

- Homescreen widget


- Homescreen shortcut (see below)

- Virtualizer

- Start boot

- Preset auto-detection (see below)

- Automatic preset call/SMS phone conversations

- 4 themes

- Reverb (in Beta ! 't work phones, so be removed)

Please check out Bass Booster Pro v2.0.2 if ! :

- Bass Booster

- 6 Bands Equalizer (5 phones)

- 20 Presets (, Improve quality, Electro, Techno, Dubstep, Dance, Pop, Rock, Metal, Reggae, Rap, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latino, Acoustic, Classical, Party, Voice Boost, Volume Boost)

Homescreen Shortcut :

This feature allows create a 1x1 homescreen shortcut that'll change Bass Booster settings click without even opening ! (see screenshots)

The *first* time a shortcut, some Android Bass Booster Pro v2.0.2 s launch .

Preset auto-detection :

This feature allows presets automatically adjusted according music being played. Let's say're listening Alternative Rock music,, Bass Booster choose preset, but if a custom "Rock" preset, yours selected.

But even further, create an "Punk Rock" preset ("punkrock" works just) "Hard Rock" preset finer equalizer settings genre.

T require a compatible music player audio file locally stored tagged.

Players auto-detection :

- music player

- Google Play Music

- JetAudio Player (recommended)

- RealPlayer

- Player Pro

- Poweramp

- Rocket Music Player

- NRG Player

- Music Folder Player

- MortPlayer

- TTPod Music Mod

- Meridian

- ³ (Cubed)

- Astro Player

- Winamp (for Winamp, enable Scrobbling settings .FM app).

- DoubleTwist (enable Last.FM scrobbling settings)

T complete : others media players may work.

If doesn't work, just drop us a mail 'll see if support added.

If auto-detection doesn't work, try Last.FM Scrobbling settings media player. (For Winamp others players, you install .FM app)

Permissions :

- Receive messages : T needed automatically set a preset if there's SMS.

- Read phone state : T needed set a preset if there's call.

- Start : effects just after boot.

- Install shortcut : configuration shortcuts homescreen.

Disclamer :

We responsible happen phone, your audio device ! Do volume bass boost long. T . Use it wisely !

By downloading t, no case be held responsible kind resulting use app way.

T copyright holders "as is" express warranties, including, but to, warranties particular purpose. event shall owner be liable direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, damages (including, but to, procurement goods; loss of use, data,; interruption) however caused any theory , whether, strict liability, (including negligence) arising way out use of t, even if advised possibility damage.

What's Bass Booster Pro v2.0.2 : (Updated : Apr 30, 2013)

New design

Bass Booster Pro v2.0.2 battery consumption

Bass Booster Pro v2.0.2 presets

Better action bar/Jelly Bean support

Frequently Asked Questions

Bug fixes

Pro only :


Unlimited presets

Homescreen Widget (2x1)

Preset autodetection


Homescreen quick config shortcut


ption dB

Reverb effect (Beta!)



Bass Booster Pro v2.0.2:


Download : Bass Booster Pro v2.0.2 Instructions:


MirrorBass Booster Pro v2.0.2:


Jorte Calendar v1.5.10

Jorte Calendar v1.5.10

Jorte Calendar v1.5.10: 2.1+

Jorte Calendar v1.5.10: Jorte personal organizer (calendar) application. 13 million downloads, Jorte most popular calendar/organizer Jorte Calendar v1.5.10.

We all time in look real personal organizer. Enjoy this highly customizable app, find which many functions.

Jorte designed, it's got many functions, but it's still easy-to-use!

For personal use business, Jorte manage schedule thoroughly.

Jorte Calendar v1.5.10 :

o Jorte Cloud: Original Cloud feature-device use .

o Various widget settings.

o Monthly views.

o Important appointments.

o See completed appointments glance.

o synchronize Calendar.

o Adjust day week view; 't always be Sunday!

o Import choice from Google Calendar.

o Import format.

o be controlled using Google Voice Search Maps.

Android OS 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3 / 3.0 / 3.1 / 3.2 / 4.0 / 4.1

The screen display adjust screen size, whether on smartphones tablets, mode.


** Jorte Cloud **

Sync Calendars, schedules, Jorte Cloud.

You Cloud from home, office, else through PC, tablets from . feature allowing access anywhere from multiple devices, Jorte just an app phone, works backup schedules and task lists.

Sign-up a Jorte Account taking advantage cloud experience:

Jorte account (free!)



"Jorte Store"

You icons images Calendar. Many useful icons. Please take a look! See icon menu bar.

・Hello Kitty © '76, '99, '12 SANRIO (H)



"Jorte Translate"

Please help us translate Jorte. If like a translation certain language, subm translation following website:




Any Data sas on DO erased when .

Please DO Jorte if you’d like your data onto Jorte Calendar v1.5.10 . Just simply install the previous Jorte Calendar v1.5.10 , there.

*By syncing Jorte Cloud, kept cloud, so even if to uninstall , be there it again re-downloaded app.

What's Jorte Calendar v1.5.10 :

Ver 1.5.10 (April 30,2013)

. Added 6x2 widget.

* sizes going , please select from : [Settings]-->[Widget Settings] in t which icon sizes .

Ver 1.5.9

. Added function zone.

* When traveling abroad, zone device changes time zone abroad Calendar change as well. function return original time display.


Jorte Calendar v1.5.10:

Jorte Calendar v1.5.10:


Download : Jorte Calendar v1.5.10 Instructions:


MirrorJorte Calendar v1.5.10: