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Choplifter HD v1.0

Choplifter HD v1.0

: 4.0

: HD™, players take role coming rescue pilot asked , international helicopter rescue team. Pilots a variety deployed than 30 different missions.


Combining reality , missions from captured military prisoner extraction survivors outbreaks. Pilots must bank, hover, touch-down even shake zombies from their chopper during lift-off their rescue their mission. Choplifter HD™ dares players their lives others.

Key Choplifter HD v1.0

• Players pilot many different helicopter types inspired military models

• Varied terrain including urban areas, jungle outposts, arctic bases, compounds taking place hours day .

• Comm variety deployed than 30 different missions ranging from captured military prisoner extraction survivors outbreaks

• Maneuver, fire, under perilous conditions out rescues

• Original Choplifter franchise creator Dan Gorlin serving consultant


Choplifter HD v1.0 Instructions:


Rymdkapsel v2.0.0

Rymdkapsel v2.0.0

: 2.3.3+

: "Rymdkapsel makes its competitors feel needlessly garnished."

- New York Times,

rymdkapsel meditative strategy. Take challenge possible station around you.

Imagine a strategy 't worry Rymdkapsel v2.0.0 selecting units attacks enemies, but rather base possible.

That's what rymdkapsel Rymdkapsel v2.0.0.

"Some games nearly make me miss my subway stop. Some games tempt me them while I'm walking down . T one ."

- Stephen Totilo,

“ definitely my favorite game — haven’t even beaten level yet.”

- Trent Wolbe,

"Rymdkapsel combines spatial puzzling, tower defence -building in brilliantly coherent whole. T's worth keeping on."

- Christian Donlan,

"Besides Eliss, Edge was one few games platform (...) rymdkapsel may be one."

- Filip Visnjic,


Rymdkapsel v2.0.0 Instructions: thanks Shooter

Rymdkapsel v2.0.0:

Daily Daily Recommendation: Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame

Set after Classic, Prince Flame continues wanderer who was born a Prince. must embark epic journey past redefine !


  • Follow storyline original game.
  • Explore 14 levels rendered-stunning 3D.
  • Dive in state-of-the-art environments.


doubleTwist Alarm Clock v1.3.6

doubleTwist Alarm Clock v1.3.6

doubleTwist Alarm Clock v1.3.6: Android v2.2+, ROOT, GooglePlay Installer

doubleTwist Alarm Clock v1.3.6: Wake Alarm Clock, beautiful Alarm app

doubleTwist Alarm Clock -down beautiful alarm app Google Play Store, following doubleTwist's history , intuitive, highly functional, gorgeous apps, doubleTwist Player media app.

"doubleTwist Alarm Clock be stunning time-watching apps market. so good would consider switching just app, available." - Om Malik, Gigaom

Gently awaken favorite medley. rouse yourself from deep slumber metal. !

Alarm Clock doubleTwist Alarm Clock v1.3.6 :

• Two clock modes: flip clock clock, includes nightst mode.

• Set alarm through one modes: Time, Sleep Cycle, Quick Nap,. Sleep Cycle helps pick optimal wake-up times cycles.

• Set multiple alarms.

• Set recurring alarms (weekdays, weekends, etc).

• Set a custom label alarms.

• Choose from built-in alarm sounds song (requires free doubleTwist Player app).

• Set adjustable fade volume.

• View time pending until next scheduled alarm.

• Set snooze duration volume.

• Swiss Clock live wallpaper.

doubleTwist Alarm Clock with ❤ Francisco.

If comments app, additional support, please visit Thanks!

Use app doubleTwist Terms Policy:

What's New


* Implemented Slide functionality accidental snoozing (no !)

* doubleTwist Alarm Clock v1.3.6 digital clock display issue a small number resolution screens.

* Misc bug fixes.


* doubleTwist Alarm Clock v1.3.6 a bug relating Quiet Mode feature.


* Require storage permission crash 4.1 when "Protect USB storage" system setting .



Download : doubleTwist Alarm Clock v1.3.6 Instructions:

MirrordoubleTwist Alarm Clock v1.3.6:

XnRetro Pro v1.3.0

XnRetro Pro v1.3.0

XnRetro Pro v1.3.0: Android O/S : 2.2+

XnRetro Pro v1.3.0: , ad-free XnRetro Pro v1.3.0 free XnSketch app, frames!

With XnRetro, easily create stunning images effect.

XnRetro Pro v1.3.0 :

Different color effects

Different frame borders

Contrast, brightness adjustement



Share friends, Twitter, Facebook, Email, ...

What's XnRetro Pro v1.3.0 :

2 effects added (4 XnRetro Pro v1.3.0 )

Texture added

Bugs fixed



Download : XnRetro Pro v1.3.0 :

Run.GPS Trainer UV Pro v2.4.3f + KeyGen

Run.GPS Trainer UV Pro v2.4.3f + KeyGen

Run.GPS Trainer UV Pro v2.4.3f + KeyGen: Android 1.6+

Run.GPS Trainer UV Pro v2.4.3f + KeyGen: Run.GPS perfect tool like running, skiing . Positioning System (GPS) all training parameters like speed, distance .


Allows create training plans:

* plan units following parameters:

* sport

* time

* frequency (once, daily)

* distance

* duration

* average speed

* intensity

* minimum heart rate

* import training plans

* export training recordings, KML format

* export placemarks format

Recent Changes:

Run.GPS Trainer UV Pro v2.4.3f + KeyGen Run.GPS Trainer UV Pro v2.4.3f + KeyGen

Download : Run.GPS Trainer UV Pro v2.4.3f + KeyGen Instructions:

MirrorRun.GPS Trainer UV Pro v2.4.3f + KeyGens :

KeyGen :

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