Saturday, October 27, 2012

Root dsploit v1.0.27b

dSplo network analys penetration suite which aims security experts/geeks complete professional toolk perform network security assesments mobile device.

Once dSplo started, be able map , fingerprint alive hosts operating systems services, search vulnerabilities, crack logon procedures tcp protocols, perform man middle attacks such sniffing ( protocols dissection ), real time traffic manipulation, etc, etc .

Root dsploit v1.0.27b :

RouterPWN - Launch the service .

Trace- Perform a traceroute.

Port Scanner- A syn port scanner quickly open ports single target.

Inspector- Performs target operating system deep detection, slower than syn port- scanner but .

Vulnerability Finder - Search vulnerabilities running services upon National Vulnerability Database.

Login Cracker - A very fast network logon cracker which supports many different services.

Packet Forger - Craft a custom TCP packet target.

MITM - A set -in-the-midtle tools &conquer network.

Simple Sniff - target's traffic through ( useful when using a network

sniffer like 'Sharp' ) network stats.

Password Sniffer - Sniff passwords protocols such, ftp, imap, imaps, irc, msn, etc from .

Session Hijacker - Listen network sessions.

Kill Connections - Kill connections preventing any website.

Redirect - Redirect all traffic adtress.

Replace Images - Replace all images specified one.

Replace Videos - Replace all youtube videos specified one.

Script Injection - Inject a javascript visited webpage.

Custom Filter - Replace custom text specified one.

Version 1.0.27b :

Removed loader from hijacker browser.

Root dsploit v1.0.27b issue #61 : Open service with" feature.

Root dsploit v1.0.27b issue #102 : User wordlist bruteforce.

Minor ui fix cracker layout.

Root dsploit v1.0.27b issue #109 : Improve hijacker browser.

Br application icon, big thanks Alokaily ( m0hmd88 ).

Root dsploit v1.0.27b issue #106 : Reimplement connection killer & password sniffer.

Root dsploit v1.0.27b issue #105 : Enable ip forwarding too.

Switched from nmap host discovery probe host discovery.

Root dsploit v1.0.27b issue #36 : Unexpected application restart.

Root dsploit v1.0.27b issue #91 : Endpoints problem.

Root dsploit v1.0.27b issue #96 : dSplo't list all IP's network, different subnets.

Root dsploit v1.0.27b issue #100 : Session hijacking stucks at "loading page".

Root dsploit v1.0.27b issue #99 : When exiting back button, icon stays notification bar.

Root dsplo.0.27b

An Android device least .3 ( Gingerbread ) Root dsploit v1.0.27b OS. ( 2.3 support since v1.0.5b ).

must be rooted

must BusyBox full install, t utility installed ( partial installation ).

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