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Headset Button Controller v6.6

Headset Button Controller v6.6

Headset Button Controller v6.6: Android 2.1+

Headset Button Controller v6.6: Turn wired headset in remote control music player - more!

Headset Button Controller configurable, allowing play music, change tracks, adjust volume, answer phone calls, start Voice Command other things, just headset.

Headset Button Controller powerful default configuration, but change almost every action performed. Once configured , background using almost no CPU. been tested wide variety Android devices and music apps single-button headsets, and Android-specific 3-button headsets.

Default configuration-button headsets (center button-button headsets):

* Single press: play / pause (+ answer call / end call)

* Double press: next track (+ decline call / mute microphone)

* Triple press: previous track

* Quadruple press: previous track (2x)

* Long press: Volume control [2]

* Press : Fast forward [3]

* Double press : Rewind [3]

* Triple press : disabled

All above options following:

* Stop

* Play / pause

* Next track

* Previous track

* Previous track (2x)

* Mute / unmute

* Voice command

* Voice search

* Redial last number

* Say current time (Text-To-Speech required)

* Launch app

* Launch shortcut

* Tasker task [1]

* Switch profile

Additionally press options following:

* Volume control [2]

* Rewind [3]

* Fast forward [3]

With a 3-button headset, volume control configurable left headset buttons.

[1] Requires 'Tasker'

[2] While down, reset minimum limit (see below) raised until

[3] music player app supports rewind / fast forward

Music app selection

Headset Button Controller controls running music app. also able specify which installed music app to control.

Volume control Headset Button Controller v6.6

Headset Button Controller remembers volume when restore .

* Min volume limit: Start volume level 'volume control' command

* Max volume limit: Ensures headset music volume never exceeds t

Call Headset Button Controller v6.6

also able calls headset button:

* answer call / end call press (configurable)

* decline call / mute microphone press (configurable)

* adjust volume during a call (see volume control)

* announce caller name (Text-To-Speech required)

also configure Headset Button Controller answer call after a configurable delay.

Headset plug in / out

configure performed when gets plugged in / out.


You different 'configuration profiles' which switch between. Add a widget shortcut home screen change . also possible profile from the 'Tasker' or 'Locale' app (Locale plug-in). All settings backed SD card.

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