Friday, October 26, 2012

EpicHearts Plus v1.0 Proper Cracked

EpicHearts Plus v1.0 Proper

: Android 2.1+

: Become charged most ancient responsibility—one which adventure. truly devoted cause : year ritual which ensures young reach maturity. Disciplined, dedicated, fearless, -ready; a worthy apprentice must be all things. Whether they choose gunslinger, , paladin, there other characteristic they all share— important —Epic Hearts.

Epic Hearts one-of-a-kind RPG. Worlds wa be explored chosen apprentice faces armed unique skills devotion . magical charge , paladins, gunslingers, alike dozens , opportunity hundreds , world after world beautifully realized -filled universe.

Exceptional Content…

-Detailed, evocative environments constantly delightful backdrop huge adventure.

-Character design—whichever three apprentices players choose illustrated a unique personality .

-Quests ’s exploration magical worlds, goals Hearts storyline.

- Hearts narrative captivating action-filled gameplay. Apprentices must prove their deadly skill against enemies combat again —always remembering purpose chosen .

--A choice character types, hero cause. Players may choose , paladin, character; type experiences Renobatio a b.

--Eight vast worlds must be made safe apprentice succeeds—each own unique themes, environments, mysteries, allies, .

--240 quests lead onward towards millennial ritual.

--Sixty skills dem apprentice’s attention, battle.

--Dungeons items, gear, sets give Epic Hearts players even t fullest.


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