Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gymrat: Workout Planner & Log v0.9.8

Exercises: 300 exercises updates. But if 't want , add exercises. Exercises searchable, difficulty and equipment

Routines: a dozen built-in routines added update. Ability custom routines. Exercises reordered, added, deleted, . Optional timers rest between sets are available.

Logging: Individual exercises routines logged. Logs are viewed Gymrat: Workout Planner & Log v0.9.8 . Charts allow progression metrics such as "One Rep Max", "Maximum Weight", "Maximum Reps", "Longest Time" more!

Profiles: Multiple people use app. Logs, progress such , settings

Progress: Set goals, graph, view format, export (as screenshots, html, text,):

  1. Vital Statistics: Weight, BMI (au), Body fat (au), Pulse, Blood Pressure, .
  2. Body Measurements: Neck, Shoulders, Arms, Forearms, Chest, Waist, Hips, Thighs, Calves.
  3. Benchmark Exercises: Bench Press, Cable Row, Barbell Curl, Pushdown, Squat. Exercises added.

Tools: Countdown timer functionality available. be incorporating even needed gym!

Help: Descriptions app. all Gymrat: Workout Planner & Log v0.9.8 intuitive. Extensive help descriptions under development.

What's Gymrat: Workout Planner & Log v0.9.8 :(Updated : Oct 3, 2012 )

  • Unlimited supersets per workout day
  • 60 Kettlebell exercises
  • Add custom exercise equipment (in Settings)
  • Repper tool redesign
  • New tool BMI calculator
  • Bugs fixed

    • Target goals when clicked from routine days
    • Routine exercise reordering bug
    • Warn user when s/he unchecks days ed
    • When copying routines days, exercise goals were

Required Android O/S : 2.2+


Download : Gymrat: Workout Planner & Log v0.9.8:

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