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Remotestick v2.6.8

Remotestick v2.6.8

Remotestick v2.6.8: Varies

Remotestick v2.6.8: Remotestick lets

control lights electronics as

monitor sensors from .

Requires a Telldus Tellstick Live!

activated. Please read Telldus and

Tellsticks at .

Obviously, also need additional

hardware and/or monitor. Please

see Telldus site devices, .

✓ Control lights, radiators

electronics (called devices)

✓ Add devices control

✓ Create scenarios a set of

devices individually go

✓ Schedule a device controlled

specific time sunset/sunrise

✓ Read sensor values

✓ Background monitoring and


✓ Easier control a floor

plan view

✓ Create even scenarios with

sensors using Tasker

✓ Access devices from your


✓ Control a set your

NFC enabled device NFC tag

A Tellstick with

wireless consumer electronics band

433MHz (European standard). When

activating a Telldus Live! account the

Tellstick accessible

through Internet.

✉ Please, do questions review

section'm unable them from

there. Send-mail to

hello@ .

Vis web site://



Influence future development on

Remotestick v2.6.8 -

What's New

* Adds a human readable datetime field to

sensor data exports

* Support key / password


* Bug fix



Download : Remotestick v2.6.8

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