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Darkdawn Encounters v0.6b

Darkdawn Encounters v0.6b

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: EXCLUSIVE ANDROID EARLY ACCESS! Play Darkdawn: Encounters' "Survival" and "Quick Encounter" modes get for $0.99! Help support 's development, in right away.

You'll be all set when campaign price goes $1.99.

Darkdawn: Encounters 3D, tactical starship combat. Captain frigates, cruisers, in fleets. Fight off multiple enemies angle , fire own powerful weapon batteries. Outf ship armaments such beams, advanced equipment, like engine boosters exotic overshield. Then take enemy! Learn their strengths and, them where their defenses.

Darkdawn: Encounters designed deep, tactical combat while still being streamlined play sessions controls. a starship captain, decisions than twitchy fingers take comm a massive Rampart-class battleship. But make no mistake, t no "tap " game; it's controls, captain.

EARLY ACCESS INFO: Darkdawn: Encounters development. Over months, expect some balance changes incorporate player feedback, additional content culminating 1.0 "Launch Edition", which a multi-mission story campaign.

If any concerns and/or bug reports, please visit

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Darkdawn Encounters tested following devices:

Acer Iconia A500 (Tegra 2 based)

Galaxy S2

Galaxy S3

Nexus 7 (2012)

been designed a wide range ratios, but somewhat graphically intensive, guarantee adequate performance older devices (2-3+ years old). Please share game (good) devices forum link above!

If a little b Darkdawn Encounters v0.6b you'll be commanding, check out Darkdawn Ship Viewer here Play!


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