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Proximity Screen Off Pro v6.1

Proximity Screen Off Pro v6.1

Proximity Screen Off Pro v6.1: Android 2.2

Proximity Screen Off Pro v6.1: Screen On/Off Using gestures:

NOTE: If Gestures other settings (like lock-screen) working, please Clear app data from

Settings -> Application Manager -> Proximity Screen Off Pro -> Clear Data

Want what gestures ? Here's which you turn off/on just swipe!! Swipe over the proximity sensor (Located near phone).

Proximity Screen Off Pro v6.1 :

• Support Sensor only (Make sure sensor sensitivity ).

• Tasker integration service start/stop toggle

• Pocket/Flip Cover Mode: Turns screen OFF when sensor covered when uncovered. (Feature requested Note users)

• Swipe Off: Turn OFF

• Turn Screen On/Off gestures:

1) Swipe Once,

2) Swipe Twice,

3) Swipe ,

4) Hold and

5) Cover

• Ignore Apps list: Add /games where

• Widget:

• ScreenOff shortcut: off .

• Sensor Configuration : Based device select choice, one that's available their values, as they devices.

• Enable screen on/off during calls only

• Disable call handling completely

• Battery Saving options:

1) Option -Activate sensors after timeout

2) Option -Activate sensors if power button goes idle

• Override power button -on apps (Phone pocket get a call accidentally press button, screen off)

• Prevent accidental screen on

• Disable accidental lock - Off mode if than specified duration screen wont turn off

• Vibration On/Off

Flip Cover Review:

http://www.spigen.com/samsung-galaxy-s3 ... 11596.html


• App needs SDCard read/write permissions logging support

• If app does cover but works, then try

a) Enable No-Recognize Delay Proximity Screen Off Pro v6.1 4-5 seconds

b) pasting a white piece cover where , help .

• If problem where screen turns off again immediately, try using "Alternate Method off".

• Removing/Uninstalling

- Launch ProximityScreenOff Pro Uninstall button

- System Settings , "Locations & Security" "Security" , Select Device Administrators App

• App needs Device Administrator privilege , If you questions used app, please send me an email reason app needs them.

• lock screen - Use option "Locks phone" under "All settings"

For Support: Post on

http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthr ... p=9884280# or (Send mail:shailesh.soliwal@gmail.com)

Tested On:

Galaxy Note, S2, S3, Tab, Htc OneX, HD2, Desire HD, Google Nexus,

Motorolla Xoom(Light Sensor), DROID Incredible

What's Proximity Screen Off Pro v6.1 : (Updated : Apr 11, 2013)

Added light sensor support 7 tablets where sensors after screenOff

Deactivate sensors after timeout

Keep screenOn after unlock - fixed

Added new feature start/Stop

Proximity Screen Off Pro v6.1 Deactivating sensors if option screen on/off

added clear logs option, fresh set

lot fixes


Proximity Screen Off Pro v6.1:

Proximity Screen Off Pro v6.1:


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