Saturday, March 16, 2013

Yesterday Premium v1.4

Yesterday Premium v1.4

: 2.2+

: thriller studio -selling Runaway saga!

"With all major, mainstream release, Yesterday a be missed." (Gamezebo)

"An experience you'll be unlikely ." (Joystiq)

"Yesterday ." (Destructoid)

" feels like a painting come ." (Strategy Informer)

"One best point-and-click adventure games along memory." (Gamezone)

thriller indie studio -selling Runaway saga!

A psycho beggars alive York. A Y-shaped scar forms hands unrelated people. media just don't care, so Henry White, a young NGO volunteer, friend Cooper. They three playable characters, being none other than John Yesterday, who in twisted plot after wiped.

How far go out who John Yesterday is?

An adult, noir thriller full twists .

A magnificient visual style videogames, movies .

An innovative interface based blow-ups. A perfect !

Useful -designed help, via a hotspot marker hints.

A rich musical score but also enhances .

A storyline full references , series, games, music .

What's Yesterday Premium v1.4: (Updated : Jan 4, 2013)

Games data downloading issue fixed.



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