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WhatsApp Messenger v2.9.3983

WhatsApp Messenger v2.9.3983

WhatsApp Messenger v2.9.3983: 2.1+

WhatsApp Messenger v2.9.3983: WhatsApp Messenger smartphone messenger available, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone phones.

WhatsApp uses (when available) and family. Switch from SMS messages, pictures, audio notes, messages. First year FREE! ($0.99 USD/year after)


★ NO HIDDEN COST: Once download , use chat as . Send a million messages a day friends! WhatsApp uses connection: 3G/EDGE-Fi when available.

★ MULTIMEDIA: Send Video, Images, notes friends .

★ GROUP CHAT: Enjoy group conversations contacts.

★ NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: Just like there added cost an international email, there cost WhatsApp messages internationally. Chat friends all over as they Messenger installed those pesky international SMS costs.

★ SAY NO : Why even bother having yet another PIN? WhatsApp works phone number, just like SMS would, flawlessly existing phone address book.

★ NO NEED IN/OUT: No WhatsApp Messenger v2.9.3983 getting logged off from another computer. notifications WhatsApp is ALWAYS ALWAYS CONNECTED.

★ NO NEED BUDDIES: Book connect . who already Messenger automatically displayed.

★ OFFLINE MESSAGES: Even if notifications off , WhatsApp offline until you retrieve them during application use.

★ MORE: Share location, Exchange contacts, Custom wallpaper, Custom notification sounds, Landscape mode, Precise message time stamps, Email chat history, Broadcast messages to many contacts much more!


WhatsApp Messenger v2.9.3983:

WhatsApp Messenger v2.9.3983:

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