Saturday, March 30, 2013

Logo Me v1.14

Logo Me v1.14

Logo Me v1.14: Android 4.0+

Logo Me v1.14: APERTURE LABORATORIES proudly presents Logo Me.

With Me application conveniently change 's bootlogo (not bootanimation) custom image a few simple clicks.

secure logo numeric lock code (up digits). Changing be possible after code entered. T allow tag info custom bootlogo. gets stolen having a hard time selling it. Also if how you.

T onlys work Galaxy Nexus GSM (maguro), Verizon (toro) (toroplus).

**** IMPORTANT ****

Some custom ROMs come broken Logo Me v1.14 and/or busybox. If any problems app, before reporting first try installing Stericson's busybox ( ... on.busybox) ( ... re.supersu) updating binary SuperSU app.

uses properties . If properties detection app device compatible.

Use t own risk. responsible damage resulting from app.

also get t P accepts Paypal payment options: ... me/Logo-Me

What's Logo Me v1.14 :

* Apparently GSM/Verizon model also work Sprint model versa. So support known bootloaders added hardware models Galaxy Nexus.



Download : Logo Me v1.14 APK:

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