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Root Android Tweaker (PRO) v3.0.1

Android Tweaker (PRO) v3.0.1

Root Android Tweaker (PRO) v3.0.1: 4.0

Root Android Tweaker (PRO) v3.0.1: From ROM: Jellybam, happy Android Tweaker!

Obviously, t requires root permissions properly!

With t app add several tweaks Android OS,, Android tweaker devices, kernel, Android Root Android Tweaker (PRO) v3.0.1 s (Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwitch ) ROM (CyanogenMod, MIUI, AOKP, JellyBam etc).

Among Root Android Tweaker (PRO) v3.0.1, emphasize !, Android Tweaker, contains servers than 80 countries all 5 continents;

Also, , 3G signals, set dns allow re-enable all actually locked country!, more!

Beautiful interface allows enable various mods through tabs: performance, battery, network, audio, images, gps, kernel, tools .

What's Root Android Tweaker (PRO) v3.0.1 :

* Ad-Free

* Au tuning ( choose between: Battery profile, Balanced profile, Performance profile). T touch, battery, kernel tab! other configs like GPS, Images tweaks

* VirtualMemory management scripts

* LTE, EVDO_B, HSPA tweaks

* IPV4 tune mods

* Bravia engine v2

* Audio quality hacks

* Kernel optimizations tweaks

* Super Zipalign Defrag

* Loopy smoothness

* Init.d install devices/kernels

Possible BUGs Root Android Tweaker (PRO) v3.0.1 :

* au (NOT EVERY TIME). Manual reboot ! (Looking in issue)

* lot faster checkbox (T normal since every time a checkbox, itself ecex action device!) - Avoid waiting 2/3 secs between checking

Among "Work" add soon a new tab camera new tweaks already our hands!

Be ready lot Root Android Tweaker (PRO) v3.0.1 !

What's Root Android Tweaker (PRO) v3.0.1 :


* Root Android Tweaker (PRO) v3.0.1 typo

* Added french translation


Download : Root Android Tweaker (PRO) v3.0.1:

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