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Best Android Widgets - Beautiful Widgets LevelUp Studio

Beautiful set of widgets including the time + time, with some outside

- High Definition HD super clock widget is available in various sizes and layouts (also resizable on the Android> 3.0). High quality rendering and resizable without any quality loss!
- Displays a while, the battery icon (with skin), or just a time widget.
- 5 day weather predicted by weather or Accuweather Google, with the support geolocation, automatic sunset / sunrise, also available at that widget alone.
- Supports multiple locations for forecasting, so you always know the time for other areas
Weather alert (U.S. only), storm / rain / snow forecast -
- More than 15 animations of good weather (rain, storms, etc.) for your enjoyment when you press the icon widget period.
- Moon Phase, and the actual time of step 4/5 next
- Switch Widget Glad WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile, GPS light (shortcut), silent, vibrating plane,, 4G (Just for a few HTC devices soon), Reading, Reason (Android 2.2) and a quiet time!
- More than 1000 + free skins and themes to change the look and feel of your clock, weather icon or button to jump! You impress your friends with your clock widget!
- Time Life Wallpaper Accelerated OpenGL (for supported devices only) that enables the display of the weather wallpaper, with lots of effects, and interactions of physics!
- Auto-refresh current weather widget on your phone is locked
- Specify the application to launch when you press the clock, the date or approximate details of the widget so you can access the most important application is very easy for our beautiful widget.
- Introduction of Beautiful Day widget that displays the date using the same screen with the clock is
- The temperature is indicated on your notification bar, with access to the weather. Now Ice Cream Sandwich may look and feel if you were in Android 4.0?
- Leather Market in the cloud to Web communication tools: the content of the skin of your computer and apply them directly to your phone with a new wallpaper!
- Mixer Web skins: make your own personalized skin from other parts of the skin
- Many options to create your own experience!

Best Android Widgets Visit the office market skin!

Clock widget with Super HD era, or 4x2 4x1 2x1 5x3-hour battery is only 4x3 -
When the widget is only 4x1 1X1 -
- Old widget 1X1
- Added widget 2x1 1X1
- Text Clock Widget is a simple 2x1
- Switch 1X1 widget
- Home on the clock and weather widgets and skins 300 4x1 2x1
NOTE Best Android Widgets  ****
Exclude a widget wonderful job killer if you still have to install

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